MSI GT70/GT60 Dominator Gaming Notebooks

Posted on Mar 15 2014 - 6:04am by Editor2

This year, MSI rolled out its latest “GT70/GT60 2PE Dominator Pro and GT70/GT60 2PC Dominator” gaming laptops featuring NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 880M (Dominator Pro) and GTX 870M (Dominator) graphics. The unique gamer oriented features design, record-shattering performance, and innovative gaming experience of MSI’s gaming laptops are steadily winning over extreme gamers around the world during 2014.


Designed specifically with serious gamers in mind, MSI boast over 10 special characteristics and became the benchmark for the industry in 2014. MSI continues to lead the industry in terms of system processing and performance and their machines stand head and shoulders above the plethora of challengers in competition gaming.

Eric Kuo, vice president for global sales & marketing, MSI Notebook, points out, “As a result of the booming competition gaming market, there has been an increasing number of heavy-load games, even up to 15.6″ 3K monitors and higher resolution gaming experience, so gamers are demanding more in terms of graphics, functions, and other design features specifically for gamers. MSI has heard their desire and responded with numerous breakthroughs and innovations. The result has been gaming laptops with the latest processor and display card on the market, most advanced and rich array of gaming features as XSplit Gamecaster and SteelSeries Engine (SSE) on new GT series, create the perfection of gaming experience in 2014.”

The gaming oriented design and performance of MSI gaming notebooks is winning over more and more enthusiast gamers. MSI, which has worked with many gaming teams in all kinds of gaming activities and competitions, including world-renowned FNATIC. Patrik, under whose leadership the team has won over a dozen first places in CS world gaming competitions in a decade, points out on a regular basis, “The superior gaming experience, performance, and durability of MSI gaming notebook computers have made them our team’s only choice, because you can really depend on them when the bullets start flying. In fact, not only are they great for gaming, they are the ideal choice for multimedia too. No matter where we go in the world to compete or take part in activities, our laptops can be up and ready and we can be practicing in Full HD in no time at all. One major reason FNATIC has done so well as a team is our MSI machines.”

Ultimate NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M/GTX 870M discrete graphics card

The top-of-the-line new gen NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M/GTX 870M display card provides gaming performance at “the speed of light” and with incredible resolution. It boasts more than 21% better performance on 3D Mark 11 standard tests over similar level gaming computers of the previous generation of, like the GTX 780M and GTX 770M. The lightning-fast antialiasing provides crisper, smoother graphics on all 3D games, giving you a superior extreme gaming experience on top-end gaming platforms.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M/870M boasts ideal gaming compatibility with NVIDIA graphics and MSI’s own PhysX technology for more realistic and dynamic gaming and better interactive environments. It is the only choice for gamers who want to play most heavy loading Full HD games and at the highest detail settings.

Latest 5 features for better gaming experience!

Support Intel Core i7 4930MQ Extream Edition processor
Intel’s 4th generation Core i7 4930MQ Extream Edition processor boasts enhanced processing performance and faster system architecture which is 15%~20% more powerful than the Core i7 4700/4702 processors, so MSI’s GT series gaming laptops can reach new levels of performance. The Intel Core i7 4800MQ processor will also implement become standard version of GT series, also enhances the internal HD4600 display function a great deal with better gaming and Full HD video experience.

XSplit Gamecaster : Best Live Streaming App for Gamers

MSI GT70 and GT60 Dominator come with the latest online streaming software, the XSplit Gamecaster. The XSplit Gamecaster lets you easily record your gaming moments and broadcast your live gameplay sessions to Twitch, YouTube, UStream and more. It’s simple, easy to use and ideal for sharing your gameplay with friends and family, or for capturing those perfect gaming moments, just for the heck of it. So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and start streaming and recording with XSplit Gamecaster on MSI gaming notebooks today. Use XSplit Gamecaster with all of your Notebook game streaming, the exclusive debut on latest MSI gaming notebooks.

You can just one click for live steaming or record your game through without any hardware setting, in before, many gamers are fail in this complex setting. Each model we had fine tune the streaming performance with XSplit, By the powerful i7 CPU, GTX Graphic and Killer Lan, MSI gaming Notebooks should be the best optimus machine. It’s time to change your gaming liv[f]e

Steelseries Engine: Create your game style
SteelSeries Engine is the Apps to combine all frequent functions for gamers in order to easily customize every individual key and functions to personalize every gamer’s play style, including KLM, multiple devices management (for example, headset, mouse, and keyboard), keypress macros, and text macros. It’s the unique features only on MSI gaming notebooks with Steelseries keyboards.

Super RAID 2 is 15x faster than HDD performance
MSI’s new generation Super RAID 2 employs three SSDs with mSATA interface, kicking up access speeds from 1000MB/s to as much as 1500MB/s – three times faster than high performance single SSD notebooks produced by other brands, and more than 15 times faster than conventional laptops packing 750GB hard drives with 7200RPM. It is best design in the industry for booting up and handling files. It also includes a 750GB 7200 RPM hard drive to give you all the space you need for saving and backing up. GT Series gaming laptops might look small on the outside, but they are built for speed, performance, and storage capacity.

Matrix multi-display presents 3+1 monitors usage

The GT Series features MSI’s Matrix Display multi-display output with three built-in I/O display interfaces, including the latest Mini DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and traditional D-Sub. Mini DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 both feature AV sync output to handle 4K*2K Ultra HD TV, while the D-Sub interface supports the highest Full HD picture output and can be used with older overhead projectors. With three output interfaces and the notebook’s own screen, GT Series NBs offer the most choices in terms of 4 displays and the best screen resolution and performance in the industry.

The only Gaming keyboard by SteelSeries with backlit

When designing its GT gaming series, MSI worked with world leader in competition gaming peripherals SteelSeries to incorporate a competition gaming keyboard with adjustable multihued backlighting. Keyboard feedback and durability were also greatly enhanced and the Windows Start key was relocated to the right side of the keyboard to prevent gamers from hitting it accidently when gaming. The keyboard comes with five backlighting scenarios–normal, gaming, wave, breathing, and dual color, as well as variable zone lighting and seven types of light changes, which together offer over 1000 possible lighting combos. Depressing the Gaming Mode hotkey switches on the LED backlight on the left side of the keyboard while keeping the rest of the keyboard dark, so you can quickly find gaming keys and stay focused on the battle at hand.

Best 5 features for entertainment With Killer DoubleShot, you call the shots

MSI’s top-of-the-line GT Series of gaming notebooks packs Killer™ DoubleShot, a feature designed with gamers in mind, combining Killer Ethernet and WiFi for twice the firepower. The Killer DoubleShot adapter provides serious gamers with an outstanding online gaming experience with lower latency (ping). The Advanced Stream Detect™ automatically classifies and prioritizes data streams, greatly enhancing data stream flow and reducing lag time. In addition to boosting online gaming performance, this feature enhances video viewing on Youtube or other websites with Full HD videos and downloads them in less than half the time.

Audio Boost for better gaming headset sound detail

MSI’s Audio Boost enhances sound quality and comes with AMP (Audio Power Amplifier), a program designed to greatly enhance headphone performance and amperage in medium to high-end competition gaming and HiFi headsets and enhancing wrap around sound. All sound jacks are gold plated, because gold is the best conductive material known to man and does not oxidize. Christened “gold flash audio jacks,” they increase transmission efficiency and reduce noise, so that GT Series laptops reproduce each acoustic detail crisply, cleanly, faithfully.
Cooler Boost 2–better performance, less noise

MSI’s 2nd Gen. Cooler Boost 2 offers better cooling performance using a thermal bridge between the CPU and the display’s cooling modules, so heat quickly dissipates through the vent that is cooler at any given time, enhancing cooling performance by more than 15% over the previous generation. Fan and temperature control performance have also been improved so that temperatures are reduced much more quickly and with 25% less noise. The best thermal solution on the market, it supports up to Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition and NVIDIA GTX 880M’s top level graphics for a better user experience in the form of more power, lower temperature and less noise.

Dynaudio sound system for authentic fidelity sound

MSI worked with Dynaudio, world-class name in sound system design from Denmark, studying electrical circuits, dozens of speaker drivers, and how to best arrange internal parts and components to optimize sound. For over a year, they tweaked the sound and developed electrical circuits and materials with the best sound response. The GT Series, the only laptops in the industry with a Dynaudio sound system, clearly leads the industry not simply in terms of volume, but also in terms of stereo and crisp, clear sound for a more enjoyable gaming and multimedia experience.

Sound Blaster Cinema’s enhanced wrap around sound

All MSI gaming laptops this year feature upgraded Sound Blaster Cinema wrap around sound, making the already cutting-edge Sound By Dynaudio 2.1 channel sound system, even better with optimized software solutions in particular for wrap around sound, human voices, virtual bass, and low quality audio sources. Sound Blaster Cinema and MSI’s superior sound system complement each other exceptionally well.

More information on MSI Dragon Army website

MSI continues to work in cooperation with well-known gaming teams around the world, including FNATIC from Europe and teams from Asia. MSI actively participates in a variety of gaming activities to increase name exposure, to improve on product functions, and to enhance user experience. What’s more, for its new platform, this year, MSI set up the Dragoon Army website and forum for MSI gaming laptop users and competition gamers around the world.