Dominate Gaming With 15.6” GIGABYTE P25 v2 Gaming Laptop

Posted on Jun 1 2014 - 6:26am by Editor2

GIGABYTE announced the most powerful gaming laptop in their lineup today, with a phenomenal 3DMark 11 score of P8500 – the 15.6” P25 v2. The top-notch GTX 880M GDDR5 8GB* discrete graphics in this unit grants gamers unrivaled graphic details and ultra-smooth motion rarely available on laptop platforms.

GIGABYTE P25 v2 Gaming Laptop

The P25 v2 boasts a smashingly sleek outline accompanied by stylish chrome yellow and silver trim, making this speedy gaming machine stand out from the crowd as its astonishing performance edges over competitors. Its 4th-gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor takes power efficiency to another level, readying P25 v2 with enhanced battery life for more gaming. This is a highly integrated personal mobile center which is perfect for conquering challenges in the gaming world and for enjoying quality multimedia entertainment. Thrill-seekers would definitely find the P25 v2 a dream all-rounder.

Phenomenal Graphics with GTX 880M & 4th-gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor

This raging beast achieves stunning P8500 in 3DMark 11. Powered by the top-tier NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M GDDR5 8GB discrete graphics, P25 v2 is simply incredible for a laptop in its form factor. The 4th-gen Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core processor infuses more horsepower for hardcore gaming yet is utterly power-efficient for superior battery life when running integrated graphics. P25 v2 boasts a unique design of expanded dual air vents, ensuring optimal cooling while gaming. The massive dual storage supports two mSATA SSD up to 512GB and one 1.5TB HDD that combines speed and capacity, plus RAID 0 ensuring lightning transmission for rapid boots after startup and ultra-responsive operations in gaming. Its 16GB RAM is not only more than enough for seamless gaming, but also readies users with workstation-class power for media creation tools. P25 v2 makes a great portable solution for those that need 3D power for either gaming or running pro-graphics applications on the move.

Hi-def Video Playback & Massive Data Backup
Its 1080p wide viewing-angle matte display* delivers 170° wide-angle view, reduces eye strain and eliminates image contamination due to glare from conventional room lighting with additional 72% NTSC wide color gamut that helps enhance both image quality and details. Dolby® Digital Plus™ Home Theater optimizes sound clarity and effects for a high-fidelity audio experience. The embedded 4 Speakers plus 1 Subwoofer renders dynamic yet realistic surround. The built-in high-end Blu-ray Rewritable Drive* supports all the latest media in crystal clear HD quality yet records data to BDXL format as much as 128GB. Backing up large amounts of data without Internet access or cloud services will never be an issue. P25 v2 delivers a cinematic gaming experience and unprecedented convenience perfect either for mobile gaming or multimedia entertainment.
* Product specifications and availability may vary by country.

Optimized Experience
GIGABYTE Smart Manager allows the user to control many facets of the P25 v2 with just one click. LAN Optimizer eliminates network latency and improves online gaming and/or web browsing by prioritizing the desired type of packets according to user settings. LockWin Key allows Windows Key to be locked during gaming sessions, freeing gamers from interruptions in gameplay. Packaged in a shiny yellow lid, the reinvented P25 v2 provides enough firepower to deliver gamers the flawless FPS rates they seek while gaming anytime, anywhere.