BenQ’s Ultra-Smooth XL2720Z Gaming Monitor

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 11:57am by Editor2

BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, today added the ultra-smooth XL2720Z to its winning arsenal of XL first-person shooter (FPS) purpose-built gaming monitors. Equipped with gaming refresh rate optimization management (GROM), the new 27-inch display introduces RevolutionEyes™ technology for exceptional monitor performance and low blue light technology for striking visual clarity, seamless motion fluidity, and added viewing comfort during competitive play, giving both professional eSports athletes and dedicated gamers the onscreen pr

BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor

“In active FPS gameplay, details can make all the difference,” said Bob Wudeck, Director of Retail and e-Commerce at BenQ America Corp. “With our new XL2720Z monitor, BenQ is introducing new advancements — giving gamers better refresh rates and pixel color integrity to improve reaction times via faster, crisper visual quality. When combined with our RevolutionEyes technology, low blue light feature, and refresh rate optimization, players gain a fully loaded monitor made to turn opponents on their heads.”

The all-new XL2720Z gaming monitor packs in all of BenQ’s latest innovations designed to support gamers by providing an ultra-smooth gaming experience via improved resolutions, faster response times, and quicker refresh rates. As a result, players obtain more fluid gameplay thanks to sharper video quality made to improve FPS performance. Equipped with RevolutionEyes enhancements, the monitor also provides a new direct LED lighting system that enables gamers to practice for longer periods. With ZeroFlicker™, the XL2720Z eliminates backlight flickering at all brightness levels so that gamers can engage in longer sessions with improved visual comfort during action-packed play.

Equipped with low blue light technology, BenQ’s XL2720Z monitor successfully manages the exposure of blue spectrum light emitted by computer screens, further contributing to more comfortable viewing. To help gamers protect their eyes during extended periods, the monitor provides several adjustable low blue light levels that automatically adjust emission without affecting quality. Using the XL2720Z’s GROM feature, gamers also gain the freedom to custom-build their personal gaming experience. The GROM management systems enable the customization of viewing preferences such as refresh rates (100/120/144Hz), display resolutions, and screen sizes — empowering users with increased control in addition to greater visual comfort.

To give players a competitive edge, the XL2720Z includes BenQ’s Black eQualizer, which enables total gaming visibility by allowing gamers to adjust brightness without over-exposing white levels, revealing critical combat details with improved visibility in darkened areas. To accommodate individual viewing preferences, the Display Mode allows gamers to switch between nine monitor screen sizes, including 17-inch (4:3), 19-inch (4:3), 19-inch widescreen (16:10), 21.5-inch widescreen (16:9), 22-inch widescreen (16:10), 23-inch widescreen (16:9), 23.6-inch widescreen (16:9), 24-inch widescreen (16:9), and 27-inch widescreen (16:9), while Smart Scaling enables players to adjust the screen content on-the-fly to virtually any custom size without impacting controller sensitivity.

For even more control without compromising playing speed, gamers can customize and save display setting presets directly onto the monitor’s S Switch. This allows players to switch swiftly between customized display settings for gaming as well as entertainment using the stylish controller’s scroll button, facilitating fast navigation and adjustment of the device’s OSD settings. For even greater convenience, the XL2720Z is height adjustable and sports a convenient carrying handle to transport the monitor to any LAN party or gaming competition.

Available in Jan. 2014, BenQ’s new XL2720Z gaming monitor retails at $529.