BenQ Unveils World’s First Hybrid Engine G-SYNC Gaming Monitor – BenQ XL2420G

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 12:26pm by Editor

BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, unveiled today the world’s first hybrid engine G-SYNC gaming monitor: the XL2420G. Engineered to push the limits of display technology with market-driving innovation, the XL2420G is a solid successor of all the best of BenQ and a true game changer in the midst of a G-SYNC revolution.

BenQ XL2420G

BenQ XL2420G

Unlike any G-SYNC gaming monitor in the market, this brilliant creation gives gamers the freedom to switch between BenQ’s proprietary Classic Mode, which offers unmatched maneuverability to customize every gameplay to your liking, and the G-SYNC Mode, which utilizes NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology to deliver unprecedented speed for buttery smooth on-screen action. Brilliant and fierce, the XL2420G is by far the best gaming monitor for those seeking to own the best of both worlds.

“Following the launch of NIVIDIA G-SYNC, we learned that the anticipation is soaring for a BenQ G-SYNC monitor. But we didn’t just want to build a G-SYNC monitor. We wanted to build one that’s the best out in the market, for every BenQ gaming monitor is aimed to bring the best gaming experience,” said Peter Huang, General Manager of BenQ Technology. “So with the XL2420G, we challenged ourselves to something radically new, a hybrid engine design executed to perfection to offer the best of BenQ and the best of G-SYNC.”

Boasting a pioneering hybrid engine design, the all-new XL2420G has everything you can ask for in a gaming monitor – world-leading BenQ display craftsmanship and the irritable smoothness of NIVIDIA G-SYNC technology on top of a stunning 24″ 1 ms GTG LED display. All it takes is a simple switch of input cables to match your choice of gameplay.

NIVIDIA-powered G-SYNC Mode

NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology puts the GPU in charge for unprecedented buttery smooth, ultra-responsive gameplay. The G-SYNC Mode synchronizes the monitor’s display refresh rates to the GPU to ensure images appear instantly the moment they are rendered, effectively eliminating frame rate artifacts seen in high-motion gaming, like screen tearing, display stutter and input lag. Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) is also at your disposal to smooth the way for a near-zero motion blur performance.

Proprietary Classic Mode

A hybrid engine design enables BenQ to infuse its state-of-the-art design DNA into the XL2420G. The Classic Mode brings total display maneuverability to gamers in favor of customizable gameplay and ensures the best gaming experience is delivered for games unsupported by G-SYNC. The extensive customizable display settings include: Motion Blur Reduction and Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management (100/120/144Hz) for Perfect Motion and Fast Gaming; Black eQualizer and Smart Scaling for being Precise in Control; S Switch and Display Pilot for the most Intuitive Experience; and Gaming Eye-Care with BenQ’s Low Blue Light and Gaming-comfort Flicker-free technologies.

The launch of the XL2420G hybrid engine G-SYNC monitor marks a new breakthrough in gaming display technology and a substantial step forward for BenQ. As the company continue to perfect its gaming display design, more best-of-class monitors can be expected sweep pro gamers and gaming enthusiasts off their feet.

The XL2420G will be available worldwide in Fall 2014.