GE’s Power Conversion Technology Drives Largest LNG Project In China

Posted on Jan 17 2014 - 8:38am by Editor

GE’s Power Conversion compressor-drive technology is driving the recently inaugurated HuaQi Ansai Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project in the city of Ansai, Shanxi Province, helping the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) promote economic growth in western China.

GE Power

The HuaQi Ansai facility was inaugurated in August 2012 and is the country’s largest LNG project. It features the first application of GE’s 24-megawatt convertor in China and supplies an estimated 2 million cubic meters of LNG per day and 481,100 tons annually.

Ansai’s rich natural gas resources have to be converted to LNG before the gas is transported over long distances. GE’s compressors are used to operate the refrigeration trains that bring natural gas to its liquefaction temperature so that it can be transported in ships over long distances.

“GE’s compressor-drive technology met our requirements for reliability and efficiency in helping us expand the use of cleaner natural gas to meet China’s energy and environmental priorities,” said China National Petroleum Corporation. “The project will play a crucial role in supporting the government’s efforts to connect the economic development capabilities of the eastern coastal region with opportunities for new economic and social development in western China.”

Power Conversion provided the whole compressor-drive set, including the converter, rotating machine and transformer, to the HuaQi Ansai facility. GE’s Power Conversion operation in China provided timely local service to help CNPC complete the project.

“Our industry-leading compressor-drive technology is highly reliable and efficient and can effectively address CNPC’s technical requirements in terms of volumes and availability,” said Francesco Falco, general manager of the Oil & Gas vertical for GE’s Power Conversion business. “The HuaQi Ansai project underscores GE’s proven ability to provide an integrated package of original equipment, services, localized support and timely communication to our customers such as CNPC.”

GE continues to leverage the resources of multiple businesses to play a prominent role in the modernization of China’s energy infrastructure. GE Oil & Gas has provided compressor systems for multiple sections of China’s West-East gas pipeline projects that are designed to increase the role of natural gas in China’s energy supply mix.