The Best Audio Solutions For Your Car

Posted on Feb 18 2016 - 10:38am by Editor

When was the last time you listened to music in your car? What was the experience like? Let’s face it unless you’ve bought yourself a top of the range luxury car, it’s unlikely that the sound in your car is top notch. If it was anything like mine, in fact, the quality is diabolical.


The problem is that makers of mass-produced cars have so many forces pulling them in the direction of reducing costs, that audio can suffer. Maybe the sound you get is OK at low speed, but the moment you go above, say, 50 MPH, you end up with a bass-less, tinny sound. So perhaps it’s time to improve your car’s audio. Here are some of the aftermarket solutions out there.

USB Stereo

USB stereos are a significant upgrade compared to their predecessors. They no longer require an external amplifier. They now have the same performance out of the box, which means less wiring and less hassle. It really is as easy as plug and play. In Car Music sells USB stereos that come with all the modern accessories we’ve come to expect, like blue-tooth. Many models also come with remote controls, a dock for your iPod or iPhone and a USB port on the front panel.

A Quality Subwoofer

The best way to overcome your car’s puny bass is to buy something bespoke. Orion subwoofers make some of the most powerful in the industry. You can pick up a 4000W subwoofer for under £650. These babies come with four inches of travel. And what does more travel mean? More bass!

Some enjoy cruising through the neighbourhood with the bass ramped to the max. I know you’re probably not one of those people, but just in case you are, consider choosing a subwoofer that you can easily get spares for. If you happen to have a blowout, no big deal. Just swap out the blown out voice coil and pop in the new one.

Custom Sub-Box

Speaking of subwoofers, where better to enclose the heart and soul of you car than in its own box? If you can, go for a subwoofer enclosure that has been made for your car. There are custom fit boxes for Ford Focus, BMW E60, Skoda Octavia, and many more.

Find The Best Speakers

When it comes to speakers, you want to make sure that they’re both lightweight and rigid. After all, you don’t want your car’s performance to suffer. Look out for woofer cones that come with a cellulose pulp base. These tend to be lightweight and rigid, meaning that they’ll hit all the right notes.

High-quality speaker cones are also coated in glass micro-balls.

You also want your speakers to be reliable, so getting a high-quality rubber for the surround is essential. The best rubbers are made from butyl, meaning that they’re resistant to the things that cause cracks and a diminution of performance. This includes temperature extremes, ultraviolet rays and changes in humidity. Remember, this is very relevant to our cars. Temperature changes, in particular, can be extreme in a car.