Why Now May be the Time to Turn the Farm Stand into Farm Fresh Delivery

Posted on Jun 26 2019 - 7:55am by Editor

Many consumers are seeking out opportunities to purchase local products. With the rise of food recalls and concern over pesticides, food co-ops have a chance to capitalize on an eager market. These shoppers want to move away from grocery store produce and acquire veggies and fruits sourced from the neighboring area. Creating this type of business requires research and planning because today’s buyers are looking for something not only good for them but also time efficient. They want more than running to the local stand. Turning the farm stand into a delivery service might just open new avenues and revenue.

Farm Fresh Delivery

Offer Delivery

People want to eat healthy, but they still want convenience. Many co-ops have fallen short of picking up customers because they required people to come to the farm each week. That’s easy on the business, but no on personal schedules. Have the option for delivery. The driver can leave groceries at the door. When people arrive home, it’s there waiting.

Be Business Savvy

Keep it simple, but also keep it modern. People want online ordering. Establish a website that shows available foods each week. When buyers sign in, they can personalize the order. With that said, you’ll want to acquire business intelligence tools that help you predict and know what others desires. These services may help with determining what needs additional harvesting or where you’re making the most money. Use it to maximize profits and decrease waste.

Stand Behind Your Product

Just because it’s available for sale, doesn’t mean it’s good. People are coming to a co-op for fresh, healthy choices. If something doesn’t meet standards, don’t send it out. Have a substitute ready, and let shoppers know about the change.

Respect the Customer

Stand out from the grocery chain by making the clientele feel special. Customize orders, and record allergies. Let them know you care about their well-being.

Here is a chance to share fresh, nutritious foods with others. Treat them right. Feed them well.