Sony Introducing New Sound Bars And First TV Base Speaker

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 11:26am by Editor2

From explosive on-screen action to intimate dialogue: sound from your TV gains extra impact, presence and realism with Sony. Two stylish Sound Bars are joined by a brand-new TV Base Speaker that gives TV audio a boost while cutting room clutter.

TV Base Speaker HT-XT1

The stylish, elegant HT-CT770 and HT-CT370 Sound Bars fill the room with rich virtual surround sound and thumping bass that bring every car chase and orchestral climax to life. Slipping discreetly underneath your television set, the HT-XT1 TV Base Speaker gives a completely new dimension to the sound of your favourite TV shows. Packed with connectivity options[i], the Spring 2014 models make it refreshingly simple to elevate your living room listening.

Show-stopping sound, easy connections

2.1 channel S-Master™ Digital Amplifier technology brings TV shows, movies and games to life with powerful multi-channel audio. You’ll hear individual instruments and every line of dialogue with rewarding clarity, from sonorous lows to crisply-detailed highs. S-Force Pro Front SurroundTM processing ensures a richly textured, immersive soundfield, with a wide ‘sweet spot’ that can be enjoyed by everyone in the room.

New to Sound Bar, ClearAudio+TM saves the trouble of fine-tuning settings for perfect results with any sourcefrom latest Hollywood blockbusters to live concerts on DVD or music from your smartphone. It is a Sony unique technology for enjoying high-quality sound by bringing together the expertise in digital signal processing technologies that Sony has cultivated throughout history as an audio brand. And with support for DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD, you’re assured of a master-quality experience, whatever you’re listening to.

If you’re struggling to hear what’s being said on screen, just touch the ‘Voice’ button to hear movie dialogue snap into sharp focus. There’s a choice of modes that progressively boost voice levels until everything’s crystal-clear.

Want an instant soundtrack while you’re relaxing or entertaining at home? Sound Bar and TV Base Speaker make it blissfully easy to share music out loud from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth®-equipped device. And it’s simpler still if your device supports NFC: just touch with your mobile device to connect instantly – then enjoy your favourite sounds with wireless freedom. Compatibility with AAC codec assures pure, finely-detailed digital sound when you’re streaming music via Bluetooth® from your Apple or Android™ device.

Sound Bar and TV Base Speaker can also be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet with the new SongPal app via Bluetooth[ii]. Download the free app, then use your mobile to adjust ClearAudio+, subwoofer and other sound settings from the comfort of the sofa.

Sound Bar HT-CT770 and HT-CT370

Two new Sound Bar models immerse you in a thrilling world of multi-channel audio excitement. An ideal partner for big-screen TVs, the CT770 summons up an impressive 330W of total output power to make the most of any action movie or concert performance, with 2x 20mm tweeter units and 160mm subwoofer unit. And the CT370 delivers 300W of uncompromising audio in an even smaller footprint.

At just 5cm high, the elegant bar sits discreetly in front of your TV without blocking the screen or IR sensor, or it can be wall-mounted. Despite its slender profile, Sound Bar delivers a sensational audio punch thanks to a new speaker diffuser that spreads sound smoothly and evenly.

Low-end thumps and rumbles are handled by a powerful wireless subwoofer – place it anywhere in the room for soul-shattering bass you can really feel. The CT370 sub has dual layout options: it can be laid horizontally on a shelf or hidden under your sofa, or placed vertically on the floor.

TV Base Speaker HT-XT1

Need to power up your TV sound without the clutter of extra cables and speakers? It’s never been easier with HT-XT1 – the smart, space-saving ‘one-box’ solution that’s great for a second listening room, den or bedroom.

An ideal partner for BRAVIA models less than50”, TV Base Speaker fits directly under your television set. Its slim, clean lines and glossy, scratch-resistant finish add an understated presence to any room. Set-up is simplicity in itself: hook up your TV via HDMI and you’re all ready for a great evening’s entertainment with power-packed 2.1ch virtual surround sound.

All your TV entertainment sounds crisp and clear, with two built-in subwoofer drive units delivering rich, controlled bass for extra impact with action movies, dialogue and games. And don’t worry about rattles and vibration shaking your television set: the rigid cabinet, strengthened glass top and carefully-placed speakers ensure that 170W of sound energy stirs you – not the TV.

This season’s new Sound Bars and TV Base Speaker from Sony are on sale in Europe from April 2014.