Olympus Announces Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera – OM-D E-M10

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Olympus Imaging Corporation is pleased to announce the OM-D E-M10, scheduled for release in late of February 2014. This mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera conforms to the Micro Four Thirds System standard, and features a luxuriously-textured metal body, equipped with a large electronic viewfinder that has bright and clear visibility and offer the excellent image quality.

OM-D E-M10

The OM-D E-M10 is the Olympus mirrorless interchangeable lens camera OM-D series entry model, with the cutting-edge technology into a compact and lightweight body. The E-M10 inherits the 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor and TruPic VII image processor from the high-range E-M5 and E-M1 models for the excellent image quality, high-resolution, and high-sensitivity. This model features an ultra-slim design with an excellent operability, and a quick response, high-resolution electronic viewfinder for authentic shooting style. This is a “SUPER PREMIUM SMALL” high-performance, mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, with unparalleled design for capturing any moment perfectly that surpasses high-end models.

Main Features

  1. Ultra-slim stylish body that satisfies the desire to hold the camera and shoot
  2. Traditional optical technology and advanced image processing technology that brings out the excellent image quality
  3. Large, bright and clearly visible, quick response electronic viewfinder
  4. 3-axis VCM in-body image stabilization mechanism brings out the very best in every lens
  5. 81-point FAST AF and 8 fps max. high-speed sequential shooting to capture the moment

Product Summary

Category Product Name MSRP Launch
Compatible with
Micro Four
Thirds standard
lens camera
OM-D E-M10 body (Silver/Black) Open
OM-D E-M10 14-42mm EZ lens kit
Body (Silver/Black)
+ M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ*1
OM-D E-M10 EZ double zoom kit
Body (Silver/Black)
+ M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ*1
+ M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R*2

Main Features Details

1. Ultra-slim stylish body that satisfies the desire to hold the camera and shoot

The appeal of a camera as photographic tool, a feeling that only comes from an interchangeable lens camera is packed into an ultra-slim, compact and lightweight body. When the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ, the most compact*3 standard zoom lens is attached (which launches at the same time), the thickness is a mere approx. 64mm, making this nearly as slim and compact as an ultra-compact DSLR body. Despite this ultra-slim body, this camera features two dials for excellent controls, giving it excellent operability as high-end models. In addition to the solid feel of two metal dials, the grip is designed to stick to your hand, and the viewfinder located on the optical axis makes this camera easy to hold, look through, and provides intuitive controls. When looking at this model, the sparkle of the precision-machined metal parts, the positioning of the head on the highlight line for a feeling of both strength and sharpness, and the fine texture of the metal body provide a premium feel that goes beyond any class of camera. This beautiful camera will make you want to take it with you in everyday situations, bringing you joy and sparking inspiration to capture any scene perfectly and beautifully.

2. Traditional optical technology and advanced image processing technology that brings out the excellent image quality

The ZUIKO lens born of optical technology cultivated over Olympus’ history, the 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor that brings out the best in ZUIKO depictive power and rich tonal reproductions as well as high-sensitivity performance, and the TruePic VII image processor that are inherited from the flagship model OM-D E-M1. Olympus traditional optical technology and advanced image processing technology are fused at a high level to achieve the best image quality in the DSLR class.

1) ZUIKO lenses created from traditional optical technology, and designed exclusively for digital cameras
Photos quality is decided by the lens used to capture them. The ZUIKO lens, created from a combination of traditional lens design that only an optical device manufacturer such as Olympus can deliver, and cutting-edge lens fabrication technology such as DSA lenses, and ZERO coating, boasts excellent optical properties and image quality. Through specialized digital design, a telecentric optical system is utilized to effectively guide light onto the imaging sensor for clear image quality to the very edges of the image.

2) TruePic VII image processor brings out the best depictive power of the lens
This model is equipped with True Pic VII, the same image processor as the flagship model OM-D E-M1. Clear, high-resolution images are obtained by using Olympus-original Fine Detail II image processing technology, which maximizes lens performance by optimizing optical properties of the attached lens, sharpness correction and magnification chromatic aberration, and applying high-precision demosaicing and false color reduction processing compatible with no low-pass filter. Real Color Technology helps to faithfully reproduce specific colors that are traditionally difficult to reproduce, such as emerald green and yellow, for drawing out the full ability of a high-performance lens and high-sensitivity sensor.

3) 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor with a maximum speed of ISO 25600, which is perfect for high-sensitivity shooting in dark scenes
This model is equipped with the 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor, inherited from the high-end model, OM-D E-M5. This sensor possesses high-sensitivity performance for detail and color reproduction that exceeds the sensor size, displaying its greatest power in night scenes and dark indoor shooting locations. The rich dynamic range of this sensor also makes smooth gradations possible, as well as beautifully depicting high-contrast highlights and shadows. ISO LOW (100 equivalent) mode expands the low sensitivity end. The bright, fast lens enables use of the widest aperture setting for beautiful defocusing effects.

3. Large, bright and clearly visible, quick response, electronic viewfinder

This ultra-compact model is equipped with a built-in high-powered, high-resolution Electronic View Finder (EVF) from the high-end OM-D E-M5, a feat that was not possible on traditional entry models. This large and clearly visible viewfinder features a magnification rate of approximately 1.15x, viewfinder coverage of approximately 100%, and provides powerful support when photographing moving subjects with its OM-D series quick response. The viewfinder is also equipped with Cat’s Eye Control used on the flagship OM-D E-M1 EVF, providing a natural view in the viewfinder. Powerful image stabilization makes accurate focusing possible, and when coupled with numerous features such as exposure compensation, the ability to check lighting and color balance effects in the EVF, it is now possible to shoot using the EVF to obtain the exact results you have in mind.

1) Large and clearly visible viewfinder
The cemented optical system lens developed from ZUIKO lens optical design and manufacturing technologies, and the 14.4 million dot quick response, high-resolution LCD with no afterimages even when shooting fast-moving subjects, provide a clear and natural view to the very edges of the image. The 1.15x viewfinder magnification rate (35mm equivalent: 0.57x) that rivals mid-level DSLR models, and the approximately 100% viewfinder coverage of this large viewfinder features a 20mm eyepoint for comfortable use, providing quick and comfortable shooting support.

2) With high-speed display mode, you never miss a shot
You can switch between Normal display mode for Live View image quality priority, and High-speed display mode for display speed priority. High-speed*4 mode makes 120 fps display refresh and 0.007 second reduced display time lag possible for effective shooting of quick-moving subjects. Display is automatically and quickly switched between the viewfinder and rear monitor display with the use of an eye sensor. Despite the high-speed 0.33 second switching time, the eye sensor is designed so that it is not inadvertently activated when using the rear monitor or activating playback display.

3) Cat’s Eye Control automatically adjusts the brightness accordance with the environment
This feature raises the brightness when shooting in bright outdoor conditions, and lowers the brightness in dark indoor conditions, reducing visual errors from light and dark adaptation of the eye. The backlight brightness is automatically adjusted in response to changes in ambient lighting to maintain the proper brightness, and by drawing closer to a view available from OVFs, the EVF provides an environment for easy shooting simulation. This feature also helps to prevent excess exposure compensation due to visual errors.

4) Selectable viewfinder style and intuitive controls that make shooting more comfortable
This model is equipped with three different viewfinder styles: Style 1, which goes beyond that of the OM-4, Style 2, which goes beyond the E-5 in its functional beauty by separating shooting info from the shooting screen, and Style 3, for high viewfinder magnification priority. These options can be matched to your preference or shooting style. With Creative Control you can intuitively operate two dials while looking through the viewfinder and display only the necessary items for improve customization along with viewfinder style.

4. 3-axis VCM in-body image stabilization mechanism brings out the very best in every lens

The OM-D E-M10 is equipped with the same VCM image stabilization mechanism as on the flagship model OM-D E-M1. With the newly developed 3-axis VCM image stabilization mechanism designed to be compact and lightweight, image stabilization is performed in three axes; horizontal and vertical angular blur, and optical rotational blur that cannot be corrected for with in-lens image stabilization. With 3.5 steps*5 of stabilization effects, the viewfinder image is stabilized and excellent stabilization performance is realized for all lenses.

1) 3-axis VCM in-body image stabilization
Up to now it was difficult to apply image stabilization effects to the viewfinder image using the in-camera image stabilization mechanism, but with this feature it is now possible. The image stabilization effects are now applied to the viewfinder image so you can see how they affect the composition and focus adjustments.

2) Optical axis rotational blur compensation
The 3-axis VCM image stabilization mechanism rotates the sensor for powerful stabilization of optical axis rotational blur that cannot be compensated for using in-lens stabilization, and corner shake that occurs in still images when pressing the shutter button at low shutter speeds. Also, camera motion is automatically detected in IS-AUTO mode for optimal control of image stabilization in all directions, including vertical, horizontal, and angular. This method also automatically applies image stabilization for difficult panning shots.

3) M-IS mode for powerful image stabilization during movie recording
In addition to 3-axis VCM image stabilization during movies, this camera is equipped with a dedicated M-IS mode that combines electronic image stabilization. It powerfully compensates for large and slow, blur that occurs when walking.

5. 81-point FAST AF and 8 fps max. high-speed sequential shooting to capture the moment

This model is equipped with 81-point FAST AF and 8 fps high-speed sequential shooting that rivals the performance of the OM-D E-M1 flagship model. Target AF is able to instantly focus on any subject within the area no matter how small, accurately covering a wide area of the screen. Super Spot AF enables the ultimate in pinpoint AF, Eye-detection AF automatically focuses on eyes for portrait photography, and the FAST AF system is even more advanced than ever for quick AF that exceeds Phase detection AF.

1) 8 fps high-speed sequential shooting
The fastest sequential shooting speed in its class of 8 fps is achieved through an imaging sensor that is capable of high-speed reading, and a high-performance shutter. 3.5 fps sequential shooting performance is achieved even in C-AF mode when AF operates continuously during sequential shooting. The combination of Group Target AF and C-AF + TR means that you’ll never miss a shot of a moving subject.

2) Shortest shooting time lag in its class
A release time lag rivaling that of mid-level DSLR models was achieved with a mechanical shutter. In High-speed Release Time Lag mode*6, an approximate 43ms quick response demonstrates its true power when shooting subjects moving at high speed. Because the shutter button is active and the viewfinder display is activated with the fastest response in the Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera class*7 after turning the camera on, you will never miss another shot.

3) AF tracking performance of moving targets improved with Group Target AF
Because you can filter from 81 point to 9 point AF areas with Group Target AF, it is easier to track subjects than with Single Target AF, making it possible to continue adjusting AF on children moving around freely. The subject capturing algorithm when in C-AF has been improved, making AF tracking precision better than ever when shooting moving subjects.

Other Features

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi expands possibilities for easy sharing and various remote functions for more enjoyable photos
  2. Built-in high-performance flash for 1/250 sec. syncro even in daylight syncro shooting
  3. High-resolution touch tilting LCD monitor for shooting at a various angles
  4. Live Composite lets anyone easily capture light trails when capturing shots of stars
  5. Photo & Movie Capture lets you capture high-quality still images without interrupting movie recording
  6. The ultimate iAUTO has advanced to automatically detect subject movement
  7. Olympus Art Filter and PHOTO STORY expands the realm of imaging expression

Separately-sold Related Products

1. Fish Eye Body Cap Lens, BCL-0980 (9mm F8.0 Fisheye)

A fixed-aperture F8.0 fish eye lens with a focal length of 9mm (35mm equivalent: 18mm) has been added to the popular Body Cap lens. This is an ultra-slim size with a thickness of merely 12.8mm for comfortable wide-angle shooting. The 5 element, 4 group constructions lavishly consisting of lenses including two aspherical lenses makes authentic shooting possible. With the multi-use lens barrier MF lever, you can switch from pan focus shooting to close-up 20 cm shooting with a single press of the lever. Black and white color variations make it easy to coordinate with the camera body color.

2. OM-D E-M10 exclusive grip, ECG-1

This is a removable grip exclusively for use with the E-M10. This grip was designed for absolute comfort – from the angle of the dials for maximum control, and the perfect thickness for resting the ring finger and pinky when holding the camera. The same texture as the body is represented in the grip for a high-class design that perfectly matches the E-M10, while improving the grip of the camera. A single press of the lever on the bottom of the grip makes it possible to remove it, making it easy to replace batteries and memory cards.

3. Soft Camera Case, CS-44 SF

This is a compact, cool camera case exclusively for use with the OM-D E-M10. This bag perfectly stores the E-M10 with M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ lens attached. This case features a five-layer construction so you can rest easy, knowing your camera is protected even in rough environments. The inside is equipped with storage pockets for lens caps and other small items, and the outside is equipped with a 50 mm wide belt loop, and loops for securing the camera strap to the case while shooting to prevent it from falling, making this bag very easy to use. This bag was designed with the CBG-10 camera bag and flagship model OM-D E-M1 exclusive camera case CS-42SF in mind with common blue and yellow icons on the front center. The bag is also part of a system with the CBG-10, which can be attached to the side of the camera bag so you can safely carry just the right amount of equipment with you when shoot.

*1 When body is silver, lens will also be silver. When body is black, lens will also be black
*2 Lens for both silver and black body will be black
*3 Thickness when the lens is retracted. Among the interchangeable standard zoom lens series
*4 Live View image quality slightly deteriorates compared to the Normal display mode
*5 When using M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ (CIPA Standard compliant) with focal length f = 42mm (35mmequivalent: f = 84mm)
*6 Battery runs out quickly when Release Time Lag is set to “Short”
*7 Start-up time will differ depending on the attached lens and memory card.

Summary of related accessories

Product Name MSRP Launch Date
Fish Eye Body Cap Lens, BCL-0980
(9mmF8.0 Fisheye) (Black/White)
12,000 yen
(12,600 yen incl. tax)
Late February 2014
E-M10 exclusive grip, ECG-1 7,500 yen
(7,875 yen incl. tax)
Soft Camera Case, CS-44SF 6,000 yen
(6,300 yen incl. tax)