Creating the Perfect Home Office

Posted on Jul 19 2016 - 8:58am by Matt Holtzen

Setting up your home office is an important job for anyone who works freelance. You want to be sure that you have the best internet connection possible, of course. But beyond that, you’ll need other infrastructure in your space.

Perfect Home Office

The basics of a perfect home office include work station(s) and ambience. When designing the perfect work station, keep in mind that sitting all day long is damaging to the human body. You want to have at least two different work stations, if possible. Ideally, you’ll set up both a sitting station and a standing station, but you will also have a station that you sit on a stool. Best for your circulation would be to switch between the three regularly, spending no more than twenty minutes in each location. These different stations then will require different desks. It’s easy to achieve a standing work station with a wall-mounted desk, though you can certainly still use a traditional writer’s desk for the sitting station.

To create the perfect ambience, you’ll want to manage your office’s lighting. For freelancers working in the visual arts, you’ll need to control the light coming into your office so that it does not affect the color scheme on your monitor. Be sure to invest in a system of curtains and blinds from SelectBlinds that perfectly suit your needs. You’ll want something that can be adjusted depending on the lighting needs of your project.

Just as positioning your work stations in the proper location so as to make optimal use of your office’s natural light is important, so to is looking in the right places for the best equipment to manipulate the lighting in your office. Be sure to look into SelectBlinds to find the best equipment on offer for working with your lighting. If you need help finding the best deals on the net, check out SelectBlinds’ new partnership with Groupon to offer huge discounts and savings on great blinds and curtains systems.

When you know where to look and how to set up your office, you will find that setting up the perfect lighting in your office is actually pretty easy.