Anker’s newest sub-brand, Soundcore, has just released a new pair of headphones

Posted on Sep 4 2018 - 5:38pm by Daniel Fisher

Anker’s audio brand Soundcore has expanded its portfolio of audio products through bringing a dozen of new wireless headphones and speakers. Amongst other services, there are the Soundcore Space NC. Which are a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that still offer up a few quite surprising battery life, rated at around 20 hours of non-stop playback, excited by beneath $99.99. Anker is pretty well-known for placing out tremendous accessories and products that don’t cost a fortune, and the Soundcore Space NC are an example of that.

In which the distance NC wired-free without a doubt shine is the integrated control panel at the side. Instead of using bodily buttons, Anker has opted for touch controls, that is a pleasant alternate from the same old offerings we see on this price variety.


  • Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation
  • 40mm dynamic drivers
  • Touch panel controls music without touching your device
  • 20 hours playtime in wireless noise-cancelling mode, 50 hours in wired NC mode
  • Ergonomic memory foam, over-ear cushioning and adjustable headband

The Soundcore space NC are a couple of headphones that not only have noise cancellation, but additionally fold up, making them exceptional for journey, as they could fold up quite small and match into your bag properly. Anker does include a pleasant hard-shell travel case with the Soundcore space NC. Anker touts the truth that the Soundcore Space NC feature Hybrid lively Noise Cancellation tech, which goes to reduce up to 93-percent of low frequency and 96-percent of high frequency sound. Which is going to let you have even better energetic noise cancellation than some thing from Sony or Bose, that’s genuinely pleasant to have right here. Anker also touts the fact that there are touch controls at the Soundcore space NC. So there aren’t bodily buttons right here, but a hint pad on the facet of the ear cups, so you can manage your track and such even as on the go, even less complicated. As mentioned already, the Soundcore Space NC does recreation 20 hours of non-stop playback, which does include noise-cancellation mode turned on. So with it turned off, you can get even greater battery life out of this pair of headphones. These headphones make listening to music so enjoyable it’s a wonder the company doesn’t send them with a cool glass bong and a bit of legal cannabis so you can really get into the sounds.

Also coming to consumers are two new technologies from the company. The first, called BassUp, is a special new piece of digital signal procession technology that is able to boost the low-end of a set of headphones or speakers without it distorting at high volumes — a problem faced by many speakers and headphones with DSP-boosted bass.

The company has also announced what it calls SweatGuard technology, which is a proprietary coating that is meant to protect against the corrosive sweat that plagues many workout headphones. The company has announced numerous new sets of headphones that will include SweatGuard coatings, but the most exciting of them is a new fully wireless set of earbuds it calls the Liberty Lite.