Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile Apps

Posted on Nov 6 2014 - 10:50am by Editor

It’s hard to be certain about the exact proportions, with so many varying reports, but there’s no denying that mobile browsing is becoming more and more the norm. Estimates suggest that up to 60% of all web traffic is now people browsing on their mobile. This is a major, major change in the internet landscape, and is something that all businesses should be aware of. Now you’re probably well aware that mobile is important, and have ensured that your website is responsive as a result. The problem is that this might not go quite far enough.

mobile appGive Your Customers What They Want

The simple fact is that this massive increase in mobile traffic shows that people are spending a long time on their phones. They want to be able to do everything they can from it, whether personal or business. Bottom line: your customers want to be able to use your service, whatever it might be, using their phone. You need apps. If you’re an insurance agency, they want to be able to get a premium quote using your app, and if you’re a courier company, they want to be able to track their order at the click of a button without having to go through their browser. For most larger businesses, having a company app is no longer a benefit or a means of differentiating itself from competitors; it is a necessity. As a general rule, if your customer has an account with you, they should probably have an app to access it with.

Empower Your Employees

Mobile apps go even further than this, of course. Your own employees can also get huge benefits out of a dedicated company app. Imagine how much more informed everyone would be prior to a meeting if they could quickly and easily pull up client data from your CRM. Laptops are increasingly becoming an inconvenience in mobile business; it’s all about using a smartphone or tablet. Evolve point out that it’s also much easier to record information on your phone than it is to either type it into a laptop spreadsheet or fill out a paper form with a pen.

If you’re still insisting that your customers access their account through your website, or your employees are still carrying round their laptops to access your proprietary software, then it may well be time that you consider having your own dedicated apps developed. They’re not the huge expense they used to be, and they could make a big difference to your overall offering.