WalkThis Way to a New You

Posted on Jul 19 2016 - 9:05am by Matt Holtzen

I want you to know how I managed to start getting into shape after many years of procrastinating.  And how easy it was to do, thanks to my local Groupon salon deals.

Now I am not a cheerleader or Miss USA-type.  But I don’t like being hostage to the pharmacies.  So I decided to start taking a 10-minute walk from my car to my job.  This meant parking further away from my job (I just choose a spot at the far end of the lot in our office complex) and walking to the office.  That would help me burn off a few calories.  Taking a brief stroll on my lunch hour would also add some more exercise.  I would soon be walking at least 20 minutes every day.  I then began using the stairs to my office instead of taking the elevator.  This increased my daily exercise; I didn’t think it would mean that much, but soon I was breathing much easier than before.  Then I took my biggest step – I joined a group in my neighborhood who walk every morning.  Soon I was walking nearly a mile or so every day…AND enjoying it!

WalkThis Way to a New You

While this routine certainly improved my physical condition, one of the more surprising results proved to be the response of certain others to the “side effects” that resulted.  I got my appearance to a point where my husband started feeling uneasy about how I looked to the guys we see at neighborhood events.  I think he was getting a bit jealous.  In any event he took to taking more walks himself.  He even joined a local gym to do what he called some “muscle toning” – a bit more than he gets at his weekly golf match!

Now we both look younger and healthier and we enjoy ourselves more.  I combine my exercise with regular trips to one of the local spas here in town.  And I include a regular visit to a salon as part of my overall physical conditioning routine.

I found that a visit to a beauty salon or spa perfectly fits the new health routine I have adopted.  In the San Diego area there are numerous beauty salons that currently offer services from cosmetic facials, peels, tans and hair removal and hair treatments.  Currently local Groupon Coupon salon deals. can be used at places in downtown San Diego, Miramar, Mission Valley, North Park or University Heights just to name a few locales.  The Groupons can get reduced prices for nearly 50% or more off the regular price of services from haircuts and manicures to cosmetics, peels, tanning sessions, and manicures or pedicures.

You can contact a salon in the local San Diego Groupon Coupon listings to schedule an appointment.  With so many available, you’re sure to find one close enough to walk to.