Three Months In: Does The PlayStation 4 Stand Up To Expectations?

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 4:38am by Editor2

Most of us we’re expecting to see a huge battle between Sony and Microsoft when their new Xbox One and PS4 systems were released a little over three months ago, but there still seems to be no clear winner. It has been announced that around 7,000,000 PlayStation 4 consoles have left the shops so far, but it’s still a bit too early to look at all the figures. You see, both consoles will experience price reductions just after Christmas 2014, and only then will experts have the ability to judge them and determine which one the world likes best. Considering that, we thought today might be a good time to release a post discussing the PS4, and how it meets to up expectations so far.

Does The PlayStation 4 Stand Up To Expectations

Of course, there are lots of updates still to come for both systems, which is one of the other reasons why it’s hard to judge them at the moment. Still, from what’s available at the moment, most would consider the PS4 to be a better machine. It’s less intrusive than the Xbox one, and online play is much cheaper. Also, users can borrow and swap games with their friends; an ability that has been completely removed from the Microsoft console.

The Graphics

Nobody can deny the PS4 graphics are something special. After playing games like Call of Duty Ghosts and Killzone Shadowfall for the last few months, we can honestly say we’ve never seen anything quite as impressive. Whether you’re shooting the enemy using a sniper rifle, jumping over buildings or loading your handgun with 9mm ammo, everything looks crisp and clear.

The Speed

One of the main advantages to the PS4 is its ability to have multiple apps or games open at any one time. The previous release from Sony didn’t allow this, which meant you were constantly closing things down and starting them again, which took a long time. Thankfully, you can now minimise or completely close any app or game in seconds. The PS4 is noticeably smoother when performing these actions too, so the chances of it crashing are very slim indeed. Not impossible, but slim.

The Apps and Free Games

While Sony has been promising the release of another 30+ apps over the next couple of months, players in the UK and US are still limited to the basics. So, as long as you don’t want anything more than IPlayer, Netflix and some basic news stuff, you’re fine. However, we’re sure most of you will agree the developers seem to be dragging their feet on this one, and a YouTube app is long overdue.

When it comes to free games though, the PlayStation 4 beats the Xbox One hands down. So long as you have a PlayStation plus subscription, there are currently no less than 14 good quality games available for download to your machine for no extra cost. This number keeps increasing too, by around 3 or 4 each month.

So, is the PlayStation 4 going to live up to expectations? We think so, but Sony do need to sort those extra apps out pronto!