Got a Cracked Phone Screen? Consider These Repair Options

Posted on Jul 22 2014 - 5:01am by Editor

Smartphones have become such an essential part of many individuals’ lives that few now view them as an optional piece of technology. They travel wherever their owners do, whether it be to the store, to the movie theater, or to bed. All of this attention is bound to end in a cracked or damaged screen for a few phones, especially when they are not protected by skins or cases. If a cracked screen happens to you, you can be prepared with the following repair options:

Cracked Phone Screen1. Call the Manufacturer

Many manufacturers and retails stores offer clients extendmicred warranty options when they originally purchase their phones.  Apple offers AppleCare+ and Microsoft has Microsoft Complete, both of which can be purchased for an extended period of warranty coverage on their devices. AppleCare+ specifically covers the iPhone for an extra year of coverage and complimentary telephone support and allows up to two instances of accidental damage coverage at a specific cost per instance.

2. Insurance Coverage for Accidental Damage 

Individual carriers often provide optional accidental damage coverage for their clients to purchase on a month-by-month basis. All of the major providers partner with the same well-known insurance provider. The monthly premium is usually no more than $10, depending on the level of coverage you choose. If an incident ever occurs, you will be charged a deductible based on the type of phone you have. It can be anywhere from $50 to $200 each incident, and most plans limit the number of incidents to two per year.

3. Do It Yourself

When it comes to repairing a device, the cheapest job is always going to be one you do yourself. Handy users can look for online information on how to take apart their phones and replace or repair a damaged screen. Online video tutorials, informational pages and guides are all great sources of information when preparing and carrying out a cracked screen repair. Supplies and parts are easy to find through online retailers.

4. Store Locator

Most major cities have at least one local cell phone repair store that can repair a phone screen for a reasonable price. The mall should have a repair kiosk, and you are likely to find success in an online search. Be sure to do your research on the shop by checking former client reviews on an independent website to ensure that the shop is reputable and turns out quality work. Typical repair costs and times vary depending on the phone, so be sure to ask about price and turnaround time before you hand your phone over to be repaired. Keep in mind that both DIY repairs and those done by an unaffiliated local repair shop will likely void any warranty that is still in effect.

5. Screen Repair Spray

Phone Doctors came out with their Spray on Screen Repair in 2013. The spray solution is designed to provide a quick, easy repair compared to the hassle of opening a phone and replacing the screen. The spray, made from a proprietary blend of resin, claims to smooth out the cracks in the phone so they are no longer visible.