Do We Really Need Technology?

Posted on Sep 24 2018 - 12:01pm by Editor

The human race survived without technology for thousands of years. Which begs the question: do we really need technology?

The short answer is it depends in what area you’re looking at.

really need technology

Areas Where Technology Isn’t SO Important

Technology such as video games, social media and television, while useful and fun,aren’t necessary for our survival, and some may say they are actually damaging us. For example, instead of spending some quality time with the family, kids play on their phones while Dad watches TV.

Social media brings us closer together and enables us to stay connected with what our loved ones are doing. But is this at the expense of real connection?

And then there are gimmicks such as self-driving cars and smart fridges advising us that we’re out of milk. Cool, but are they really necessary?

Areas Where Technology Is Super Important

However, there are many areas where our quality of life has improved immeasurably thanks to technology. No longer do we need to go out into the woods hunting for food to survive. Instead, we simply visit our nearest grocery store and fill our car boots with a variety of food that’ll stock our fridges for weeks to come.

  • Our food is produced with the aid oftechnology, and it’d be impossible to provide enough food without the use of technology.
  • Our communication has increased massively, helping to further our technological development.
  • Our ability to travel across the world is all thanks to technology.
  • Technology has resulted in significant developments in the medical field, resulting in far greater survival rates.

If humanity were to be dropped back into the Stone Age, we wouldn’t be able to survive more than a month without refrigeration, water filtration, agriculture, pasteurisation and so on…

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