Apps That Can Make Travelling A Whole Lot Easier

Posted on May 8 2014 - 5:26am by Editor

If you like to be organised (and let’s face it, everybody should), then you’ll love having lots of apps on your smartphone and tablet that can be very useful when you’re on the way to a foreign country. Before you even think about packing your bags, check out these travel apps that will make the whole process much easier:

Travel List

This app helps you to organise everything you’re putting in your suitcase. Add reminders for things that you’ll need to pack last minute, so that you’re all set before you leave. You can also use it to plan every stop on your trip and not miss out on anything. Add events to your calendar and get regular alerts too! If you’re like me and always feel like you’re forgetting something, this app can put your mind at rest.

Travelling Apps




GateGuru can help you to organise a full day of travel. Navigate the app how you like, as the home screen can give you access to your airport card, all ready with a list of closest airports. You can find airport food and amenity info, airport weather, maps and tips, and loads more if you’re in an unfamiliar airport!




You can find all of your trip details within seconds on this app; your flights, hotels, car, map, directions, all handy in one place – right in your pocket! Sync your travel plans with your online/mobile calendar, and even post your travel plans to your social networks.



Google Maps

By taking Google Maps on a trip with you, you have one of the best options to explore new places at your finger tips. You get traffic updates, public transit, city tours almost as good as the South American tours from Adventure World, and even GPS navigation to help you find your way around.






You can quickly compare hundreds of travel sites on your tablet or smartphone with the help of Kayak. Some of these features include comparing your flights, hotel deals, car rental prices, accommodation, tracking your flight status, and managing your itineraries as well as accessing airline numbers. A great help to have in your pocket!



If you want to stay in shape while you travel, then this app is perfect for you! It can be difficult to keep up our fitness routines while we’re away, but this app gives you a whole plethora of running routes in over 1.6 million cities all over the world! It has a very accurate iPhone GPS and can discover new routes for you. There’s a training plan for everybody, from beginners to advanced runners. Imagine how fun exploring another place while running would be? Enjoy!



I promise you, if you download these apps you’ll absolutely love the results. Your mind will be perfectly at ease as you pack your case perfectly, know exactly how to make your way around the airport, find your way around the foreign place with ease, and even find awesome running routes. Let me know how you find the apps in the comments!