A Deep Dive Into the Internet of Things Design Challenges

Posted on Jan 24 2015 - 7:45am by Editor

Those who have and are building smart, connected productsknow that it is a complex process, but what many people find out the hard way is that it can, and usually does become overly complicated very quickly. With no real guides lines or standards to follow where do product developers and engineers turn to for help to overcome the design challenges they face?

Smart, connected devices need to be easy to use and secure at the same time, they can’t run out of power or get knocked off line. Power management significantly impacts the architectural design of the device and engineers need to address this by first defining the type of device they want to use then how the device is connected. With each decision it is important to recognize impacts of each trade off made and that the overall power management design should be derived from actual use cases.

With recent events security has become the number one concern when it comes to connected products. In order to secure a smart, connect product or solution, it is important for everyone involved in the project to first understand the various types of “attacks” that can be made against it then find out how to derive and prioritize attack surfaces from use cases.The impact the security architecture has on power management and hardware choices also have to be considered in the overall design.


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