5 iPhone Car Finance Apps That Will Help You Get A Good Deal

Posted on May 12 2014 - 12:47pm by Editor

One of the great things about the Apple iPhone is that there are more than a million apps that you can download. These apps have been developed with all sorts of purposes in mind, and one clever way that you can use your iPhone is to help you get the best deal on your car finance!

5 iPhone Car

If you are about to buy a car soon, I would highly recommend checking out these apps so that you can make sure you aren’t paying more than you have to for your car finance.


Carfinance Project

When you shop around for car finance, it can sometimes be difficult to calculate exactly how much your monthly payments are going to be.

If you know what the rate of interest is going to be for any given car loan, you can use the handy Carfinance Project app to tell you exactly how much you are going to pay!

Recommended by Listers VW, it’s easy to use and allows you to specify details such as cash deposits, term duration plus the cost of initial payments.

Download the Carfinance Project app for your iPhone (it’s 69p).

Car Loans UK


For some people, obtaining car finance can be quite difficult if they have got a less-than perfect credit record or they are self-employed, for example.

The trouble with applying for car finance is that each credit search performed by individual lenders will leave a record on your credit file, so if you apply for finance too many times within a short space of time, it can make a bad situation worse.

One way around this problem is with the Car Loans UK app. All you have to do is fill in your details, and they will match you up with a lender that can accommodate your needs.

Download the Car Loans UK app for your iPhone (it’s free).

BMW Financial Services Offers


Are you thinking of buying a BMW from a main dealer soon? If so, the chances that you will be buying your next German automotive masterpiece on finance will be pretty high.

BMW’s finance company will often have special finance offers available, and one way of finding out whether there is anything suitable for you is by checking out the BMW Financial Services Offers app.

Download the BMW Financial Services Offers app for your iPhone (it’s free).

UK Tax Calculator


Sometimes there are cases where people don’t really know how much they earn! This problem largely applies to the self-employed, and those that have multiple income sources.

Car finance lenders will always ask you how much you earn, so if you are not sure, you can use the free UK Tax Calculator app to help you work out the answer!

Download the UK Tax Calculator app for your iPhone (it’s free).

Loan Calculator +

For those looking to set more options when calculating any car finance repayments, the Loan Calculator + app is the perfect solution! It allows you to configure a number of options such as initial and overall interest rates, extra costs (such as arrangement and settlement fees) and so forth.

Download the Loan Calculator + app for your iPhone (it costs £1.49).