Your Guide to Storing a Classic or Sports Car

Posted on Feb 27 2019 - 11:46am by Editor

If you have a classic or sports car, it is likely your pride and joy. These types of cars are expensive and grandeur. With that said, you want to protect your car properly when you need to store it and there are certain steps you need to take to make sure that happens. Let’s look at what you can do to properly find car storage near you and to prepare your car for storage.

Sports CarStep 1: Get the Car Ready on the Inside and Out

Now is when you need to make sure you prime your car and get it ready for its time in storage. You should change the oil in the engine and run said engine to circulate the new oil. You should inject grease into any and all available fittings for proper lubrication. You also want to make sure you spray silicone onto the weather-stripping of the doors to prevent it from sticking to the car.

Step 2: Gas it Up

You never want to store your car with a half tank of gas. There is reason behind this – corrosion. Of course, you can empty the tank completely but there is no guarantee that all fuel is gone. The best solution is to fill up the gas tank completely and then add a stabilizer to the fuel. You will need to run your vehicle for about 15 minutes once you add the stabilizer to ensure it cycles through the vehicle.

Step 3: Lift the Vehicle or Remove the Tires

Flat spots on the tires are a serious problem and happen when you store your car for long periods. You should either lift the car up onto jack stands and reduce some of the air pressure in the tires or you can remove the tires and store them on their side.

Step 4: Seal the Vehicle

You do not want critters to get into your classic or sports car – they can wreak havoc. Simply plug up any openings such as the exhaust pipes with an item to prevent the critters from getting inside.

Don’t Wait and Start Prepping Today

If you plan to store your car, you should start prepping it for the unit soon. You do not want to wait until the last minute and forget to take any of these steps. Following the above four steps will help ensure your classic or sports car is ready to burn up the road when you get home.