Truckers, Trailers and Terminals: Apps That Make the Job Easy and Efficient

Posted on May 26 2016 - 11:08am by Editor

Truckers need to get to where they’re going quickly, and safely. In the old days, they relied on maps, and their good sense of direction. Today, however, there are apps, apps, apps. Here’s how they help drivers.

Co-Pilot Life Truck

Google Maps

This map application isn’t just for regular drivers. Truck drivers need to know the fastest routes to pretty much anywhere. Google maps delivers, and even routes truckers around congested areas and away from roads where there’s an accident or traffic jam.

Co-Pilot Life Truck

This app uses voice-guided GPS navigation to help drivers. It gives drivers reliable truck-legal routes that are calculated based on the truck’s size and weight, as well as the load type. Maps are downloaded and stored right on the phone, which gives truckers access to map data even when there’s no live connection. Drivers can avoid low-clearance and weight-restricted roads. They can even create custom route profiles and view and plan efficient routing options.


You might not think it, but many truckers are concerned about eating right and staying fit, which is very hard to do when you drive more than 12 hours a day. Time is tight. Truckers need fast info about calories and macronutrients. FatSecret delivers. Drivers can look up nutritional information about almost any food, including most restaurants and can scan barcodes for nutrition information.

FleetSafer Mobile

When the driver looks away from the road, there’s a dramatic increase in the risk of going off said road or hitting another vehicle. On average, truckers look away from the road for 4.6 seconds. During that time, if they’re traveling just 55 MPH, they will travel the length of a football field. FleetSafer gets rid of this temptation to email, text, and talk while driving. With the app, drivers block texts and emails and automatically respond to incoming emails and texts with an “I’m Driving” automated response.

According to, a Dallas car accident lawyer, apps like these may reduce traffic accidents by reducing distractions while driving.


Even truckers need to be mindful about the gas they spend. The smallest savings add up, especially when driving hundreds of miles.

The free GasBuddy app relies on a community of users working together to report on up-to-date gas prices. Drivers help each other find the cheapest fuel, locate nearby stations, and sort them by price and features.


Most truckers are away from their families for long stretches. Skype lets them keep in touch and talk to their loved ones. They can videoconference with dispatchers and fellow drivers and family. They can make calls to landlines and cell numbers.

And, with the Skype app, they can get an online telephone number so they never have to miss another call from mom.

tpMobile For Xata Turnpike

Xata Turnpike is an advanced electric onboard computer/recorder than runs on a trucker’s cell phone or tablet. It functions as an electronic hours-of-service log, speed management and CSA risk scorecards. It also helps drivers with fuel savings and driver productivity data.

Finally, it helps drivers stay in compliance with a plethora of regulations.

Riley Donnelly is a delivery driver who takes an interest in all things auto and truck related. At weekends he can often be found with his hands in a car engine tinkering with his classic car.