KIA Introduces ‘Sonic Branding’ For Enhanced Emotional Interaction With Customers

Posted on Jul 12 2014 - 6:26am by Editor2

Kia Motors has announced its newest sensory branding initiative aimed at enhancing customer interaction with the brand – a sonic signature titled ‘The Rise of Surprise’. This tune is the auto industry’s first ever fully integrated brand signature sound applied to vehicles as well as numerous customer touch-points with the Kia brand.

Kia Soul EV

The signature sound combines an elegant tone, cheerful rhythm and restful melody that express Kia’s core brand identities – Vibrant (symbolizing Kia’s outstanding growth), Distinctive (expressing the unique value provided by Kia) and Reliable (reflecting Kia’s world-class product reliability) – and will be utilized as an emotional trigger for the Kia brand.

Modified versions of the signature sound have been created to suit the characteristics of each customer touch-point, ranging from TV commercials and official websites, to mobile ringback tone, ringtone, applications, customer service calls, and much more. For the first time in the automotive industry, the signature sound will be applied to convenience and safety functions of vehicles, such as welcome and goodbye sounds, in addition to various warning indicators.

Kia’s first full-electric model for overseas markets, the Soul EV, and all-new Carnival MPV (Sedona in some markets), will be the first models to feature the sound signature. Kia plans to apply four different versions of ‘The Rise of Surprise’ to all future models according to their vehicle type, categorising them as eco-friendly vehicles, RVs, small/compact vehicles, and mid- to large-size sedans