Here’s Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Hatchback To A Newer One

Posted on Mar 31 2016 - 2:23pm by Editor

Let’s set the scene. You are driving around in an old hatchback. You’ve owned it for many years, and it’s even got a name! The thing is: you know that at some point you need to get rid of it.

Sure, you and your car have been through many good and bad times together. But, it might be best to say goodbye soon while it’s still in a reasonable condition. Otherwise, you might have to scrap the car. And that can be a heartbreaking decision for some folks!

Toyota car

Still not convinced you should upgrade to a newer hatchback? The following are some compelling reasons for doing so:

It’s brand new

Many people think that getting a brand new car is a waste of time. But, nothing could get further from the truth! Why? Let me give you a few advantages of going for a new model. First of all, you can enjoy the latest technology. That means you don’t have to spend money buying adapters to play music from your iPhone.

Second, insurance will be cheaper. Believe it or not, car insurers don’t like people driving around in old vehicles. That’s because they think they are unlikely to concern themselves with their driving style! And, third, you can breathe in that memorable “new car smell“!

It will be more efficient and reliable

Your old hatchback won’t be as good as a brand new one. In fact, it’s not even as efficient as it was when it was new itself! Over time, car engines become worn and inefficient. That results in poor reliability and expensive, frequent repairs.

With all the money you spend fixing your car, it makes more sense just to get a brand new Toyota Yaris or similar! At least you won’t have to spend some of your time dealing with car breakdowns!

It will have a warranty

The thing about old cars is they often have no warranty to fall back on should things go wrong. Brand new cars have many years of warranty provided by the manufacturer. So, if something goes wrong and it’s a manufacturing fault, it will get fixed. No questions asked, and at no expense to you.

Because brand new cars have warranties, they give motorists extra peace of mind on the road.

It will cost less to buy fuel

I’m willing to bet that you spend a lot of time buying petrol or diesel for your hatchback. You might think that’s because you are a speedy driver. Little do you know that your car is the problem, not your driving style!

As engines age and become inefficient, they need more fuel to run properly. A brand new hatchback will use less fuel than you pay for now. Plus, the engine will offer lower CO2 emissions than your existing one did from new.

You will feel safer on the road

These days, hatchbacks come with all kinds of safety features as standard. For example, ABS and stability control stop your car from skidding. Tyre pressure monitoring systems alert you to any problems with your rubber. And there are often several airbags fitted as standard to all trim levels.