First Customer Takes The Delivery Of New Focus RS

Posted on Aug 20 2016 - 9:11pm by Daniel Fisher

Ford is finally started to deliver the new Focus RS to the customers across the country, at a starting price of $36,605, including destination and delivery. For this you get a practical hatch powered by a turbocharged engine and equipped with a sophisticated all-wheel-drive sys. Peak output from the car’s turbocharged 2.3-liter 4-cylinder is 350 hp and 350 pound-feet of torque, which is enough for 0-62 mph acceleration in 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 165 mph.

Ford’s long performance car history has added a new chapter with the arrival of the latest Focus RS, that eschews its predecessor’s front-wheel drive and 5-cylinder petrol-turbo engine for all-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder forced induction. It also introduces the industry-first drift mode, which is designed to help you sling the RS sideways as effortlessly as Ken Block. Sounds like fun.


The Focus RS’s 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-four delivers power and torque as if the 2 have been packaged in a Kirkland-branded bundle. You get 350 of each—ponies and pound-feet—in a 3459-pound package. There is also a trick torque-vectoring system that can shuttle as much as 70 percent of the engine’s thrust to a single rear wheel, a delightful 6-speed manual, and enough grip to rival a Porsche.

A pair of thickly bolstered Recaro bucket seats is the sole major update made here to the Focus cabin. They come covered in a mix of cloth and leather as standard, while the full leather can be ordered as part of a $2785 package that includes heating for the front seats, heated mirrors, a heated steering wheel, and a navigation system. Those Recaros are constructed every bit as aggressively as the RS’s engine, and a tall bolsters on both the seatback and the lower cushion grab you in a firm bear hug. While that is excellent for whenever the road—or road course—turns squiggly, the seats are constricting for long highway drives.