Eco-Friendly Detailing Tech Trends You Can Feel Good About

Posted on Apr 14 2018 - 9:01am by Editor

Between water restrictions in some areas and the growing urge to conserve, a car wash almost seems like a guilty pleasure at times. However, businesses from traditional car washes to companies that offer mobile car detailing Toronto are making use of new technologies that will leave your vehicle sparkling clean without wasting water or using harmful chemicals. Best of all, these technologies do just as good a job using little to no water or detergents.

Eco-Friendly Detailing

How Much Water Does a Car Wash Use?

It should come as no surprise that a traditional car washing facility uses a lot of water to get the job done. A conventional drive-through car wash douses the average vehicle in about 45 gallons of water per cycle. There’s also a lot of soap sprayed on the vehicle, and all of that pours down a drain.

The second most common way to wash a car is by hand using a bucket and sponge, and then rinsing it all away with a hose after. All of that soap and water often just soaks into the ground. This method can use anywhere from 80 – 100 gallons of water per vehicle, per wash.

Waterless Car Washes

The first of two virtually waterless car detailing advances, this technique is sometimes called a dry wash or spray wash. It uses anon-toxic chemical spray with a high lubricity to capture surface dirt, dust and grime. Within seconds of application, you can simply wipe the car down with a dry, microfiber cloth.

This method looks as simple as just wiping a vehicle with a hand towel, but the product used completely removes all surface dirt more efficiently than a traditional hand wash. It also allows mobile detailers to clean cars almost anywhere, even in tight spaces, because there’s no need for hoses or drainage.

Earthmop Sponges

This isn’t just a microfiber cloth, it’s a microfiber-filled sponge. It’s about the size of an adult male hand, but it’s nearly as flat as a plain cloth. What’s the big deal you ask? This little sponge can soak up the contents of an 8-ounce glass of water without dripping and clean even a large SUV without using any cleaning product. You won’t find water spots or streaks, and there’s no rinsing necessary. It can also be used to dry a vehicle completely, it’s almost indestructible and it’s safe to use on any surface from cgass to chrome to rubber and paint.

Regular detailing keeps protects the finish on your car or truck, prevents dirt and debris from clogging the undercarriage and systems and reduces allergens in the interior. New detailing technology and products mean that being environmentally responsible and having a vehicle that looks showroom-new aren’t mutually exclusive. Check into eco-friendly car washes or detailers in your area.