Alfa Romeo 4C Spider- The Uniqueness Of A Prototype, The Magic Of A Film

Posted on Mar 15 2014 - 5:28am by Editor2

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider seen at Geneva is a pre-production prototype, that is, a one-of-a-kind piece designed by the Centro Stile and entirely hand-crafted by a team of highly specialised professionals. Characterised by special details and distinctive finishes, the preview is an exercise in style aimed at selecting the contents to be implemented in standard production, which is scheduled for the beginning of next year.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The convertible development of the multiple award-winning Alfa Romeo 4C is a valuable secret to be guarded carefully and hidden away from prying eyes. This is why Alfa Romeo chose to start directly from the Centro Stile’s numerical models to make the 90″ film which opened the presentation to the international press at the Geneva Motor Show on March 4.

The opening shot of the film shows a revolving Alfa Romeo 4C stroked and pierced by laser beams which transform it, following an explosion-implosion sequence, into a 4C Spider which is gradually revealed one feature at a time. The film continues with a sequence of wide and narrow shots of the car to suggest its shapes without ever showing it all. The pounding soundtrack accompanies and underlines the rhythm of the pictures and closes on the Alfa Romeo badge. What appears to be the end is in fact only the beginning: the screen lights up and the music resumes with new power. Finally, the camera spins about the 4C Spider and all the stunning car’s details are disclosed under bright white light.

A crescendo of emotions leading from the dark of the beginning to the full light of creation.