Virtual Reality Devices and The Engineering Industry

Posted on May 24 2018 - 11:24am by Daniel Fisher

Whilst virtual reality (VR) is becoming more commonplace across a wide variety of industries, one industry that stands out as having whole-heartedly embraced the Virtual Reality revolution is the engineering industry.

Virtual Reality Devices

Virtual reality devices offer highly immersive and realistic 3D environments. For engineers this means being able to design, model and test ideas and prototypes without the need for expensive and time-consuming manufacturing.

VR hasbecome a real gamechanger for engineers.  New VR technology is helping engineering companies to innovate, improve efficiency, save money and advance quicker.

VR devices are most commonly used to design, model and test new ideas, and for employee training.  In this blog we will look at how VR devices are improving efficiency in these areas.

Design, model and test

Virtual reality devices are extremely powerful tools when it comes to realistically simulating and adapting designs for new objects and environments.

A few examples of how VR devices may be used include:

  • VR test drive

Many of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers including Volvo, Toyota, Lamborghini, Audi and Jaguar Land Rover already test drive their cars using virtual reality CAVE systems.

  • 360 videos

Allow users to ‘walk around’ virtualenvironments.  This is particularly useful in architecture and construction to help visualise and bring to life design ideas.

  • 3D modelling

Virtual 3D modelling allows users to interact realistically with the intricate workings of engineered parts and machinery.

Benefits of using VR devices to design, model and test:

  • Identify potential problemsearly in the process.
  • Reduces costs by removing the need for manufacturing expensive prototypes.
  • Reduces timescales as it is much quicker to produce a prototype in VR than it is to manufacture one.
  • Many people from different departments can cooperate inthe design and development process at one time


Virtual reality devices can be used to comprehensively train employees in how to use equipment or machinery in a variety of scenarios without it being present.

Benefits of using VR devices for training staff employees: