The discrete multibillionaire mobile tracking apps industry that no one knows about

Posted on Jan 24 2018 - 8:42am by Editor

By now, many smartphone users have become aware of the mobile tracking apps. Over the years, social media apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger have become common among millennials. You cannot imagine a millennial without these apps today. Business applications like calendars, e-mails, and teleconferencing apps are being widely used too. This has made it easier for employees to access any business information they want on their smartphones. The extended use of these application has massively escalated the need for tracking apps to monitor any information that was exchanged between these apps. The easy access to technology has got parents and business worried.


It is no surprise to see mobile tracking apps providing bundled offers to customers in the form of desktop and mobile tracking services that too at a low price. A lot of vendors are providing tracking software that operates on both Android and iOS to reach out to more and more customers. It seems as if the mobile tracking software industry has become fragmented because of the presence of a number of small vendors. As new suppliers are entering the market, the level of competition in the industry is escalating too. In order to distinguish their offerings, vendors are offering unique features for surviving in the competitive environment. That’s exactly why even a simple mobile tracking app comes with lots of features and a low price.

The mobile tracking market is expected to grow in the future

According to the Mobile Tracking Software Market Report, the mobile tracking software market will grow at a progressive CAGR of 26 percent by 2020. In 2016, America accounted for the largest market share of mobile tracking apps.Enterprises were the major consumer of these mobile tracking software as they started adopting the BYOD policies allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for accessing the company’s network. Employers had very limited visibility of what information was being exchanged between devices. Demand for using mobile tracking software hence emerged and it is growing ever since.

It is not just the business sector that needs tracking apps, parents look for them too. In fact, the mobile tracking industry has become a multimillion dollar market due to the demand of tracking apps by parents. Almost every parent in the United States has an HTC spying app installed on their kid’s phone. Since they are parents, they can legally use these apps during the early years of the life of their children to not just keep them safe, but to provide them safe access to the digital world. Hence why lots of tracking apps that are particularly meant for kidsMotorola Androidspying are pricey.

Even though these tracking apps are widely available, but the way they generate revenue is discrete.A vendor of a mobile tracking app does not just make money every time it is downloaded but the vendor also earns through in-app advertisements. The interesting thing is that most of these apps are not available on Apple Store or Google Play Store; you have to directly subscribe and download them from the vendor’s website.

Xnspy- A Key Vendor in the Mobile Tracking App Industry

Xnspy is one of the key vendors in the mobile tracking app industry. It is being used by parents and employers alike to keep track of the digital usage of the devices. Let’s have a look at what specifications this app has to offer:


  • View call logs and text messages
  • Access instant messenger chats and multimedia from apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Skype etc.
  • GPS tracking
  • Read emails and monitor online activities
  • Record phone calls and surroundings
  • Control the phone from a remote location

Variety in Mobile Tracking Apps

The mobile tracking apps are available in a variety of forms. Some offer complete surveillance, some are used as Samsung spyware apps, some are just monitoring apps for parents while others function as location tracking apps only. The location tracking apps offer a unique feature called geo-fencing that restricts a person from entering a particular location or sends an alert whenever a person enters or exits a particular location. Parents are not the only ones who are fond of this feature. Many construction companies use mobile tracking apps with GPS and geo-fencing to track their inventory, fleets and collect important work-related data. Since safety is one of the biggest concerns of the employees who work on construction sites, mobile tracking apps with geo-fencing are being widely used. Once a geo-fence is set around an area, the information about unsafe sites is shared with the team members. If anyone enters this unsafe area, the team members are immediately alerted to take necessary actions.

As discrete as it may be, with the emerging trends in technology the mobile tracking app business is turning into a multibillionaire industry and no matter how much we deny it, these tracking apps are proving to be a valuable investment in keeping the data as well as people safe.