Roku 3 – Streaming Showtime

Posted on Aug 1 2015 - 9:28am by Matt Holtzen

Roku 3 has been officially announced to be released and has a lot of changes and better amendments than previous product ‘Roku 2.’ Some things have changed completely in the past 2 year in Roku series. Roku 3 requires wired connectivity and wireless as well with faster dual core chipset of Braodcom. It has the brilliant built Roku player ever seen to date. It characterizes number of refinements over the Roku 2.


It takes the gaming aspects of its player very seriously and the remote control specialty integrates the motion sensor. Roku 3 plays beautifully on this device with smooth animation and optimization. It has the ability to customize the items.

Functionality Of Roku 3

Roku 3’s remote requires WiFi so you won’t have to change anything by the line of sight. Actually, you can hoard it pretty much anywhere, and you can also point the remote anywhere, it’ll still work fine. If Bluetooth controller does not accommodate the bill, there is an app of Roku for iOS and Android as well.

Additionally, the basic menu controls form which you can scroll through channels and throw compatible video and music files, with picture formats (jpegs). The Bluetooth delivers output still far from pleasant, maybe proofs of pretty woeful headphone amplifier. Overview image functioning is extremely amazing and with a fast connection of broadband, premium services such as Netflix and iPlayer appear crisp and textured.

File Supporting

A file supporting of Roku 3, where this Roku singularly fails to impress as a media player. It is unable to downmix the AC3 audio commonly found on MKV downloads and this means you will be needing to run th player through an AV receiver.


Finally, the Roku 3 really scores is in serviceability, and blazing processor speed. The hardware tweaks have bestowed upon it. It is responsive, easy and it’s not beholden to a proprietary.