Are Smartphones The Greatest Invention In The Modern Era?

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 7:49am by Editor

In 2015, nearly everywhere you look someone is on their smartphone. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of smartphones on the market in the last five years alone. They’re becoming a pivotal part of most human life. No matter where we go, we need our smartphone with us.

Mobile phones

Why? Why do we need our phones with us wherever we go? Well, it’s because they’re ‘smart’! We can do a whole number of things with a smartphone, it’s like a really cool swiss army knife. Only there’s no danger of cutting yourself.  Years before we needed multiple things to carry with us every day. A planner, a phone, a walkman, a camera, etc. All these things were separate, now they’ve come together.

Mobile phones were first invented to serve one singular purpose. They were meant to be a ways of calling people while away from your home. It was a simple concept that changed the way we live. Now though, smartphones have completely changed that. It’s a lot harder for someone to leave their phone at home these days. They’ve morphed into the ultimate tool for modern people to use. We simply can’t live without them.

But what do smartphones do now that is so important. What can they do that makes them such a vital part of our life? The answer is simple; anything you want them to do. Depending on who you are, what you do, a smartphone can be molded to fit your needs. The cameras in smartphones have evolved so much; you don’t need a digital camera anymore. You can save the money and just use your phone camera. Similarly, no one needs to buy mp3 players (or similar devices) because our phones can now do that. We have mobile apps on phones that open up a whole new world to us.


Mobile apps can provide us with different functions that transform our phone. You can download free voicemail apps that turn your phone into a personal secretary. There are planning apps that let you organize your daily agenda. We have health apps that turn your phone into a personal trainer. There’s no end to what mobile apps can do for a phone. All these apps improve the functionality of your phone. They help you with work and life, but smartphones still have other aces in the hole.

Mobile phones are now entertainment devices we can use while on the move. Gone are the days of the pixelated ‘snake’ mobile game. You can now play full HD games on your smartphone. It’s revolutionised the gaming world. Huge companies like EA are now developing games specifically for mobile devices. Additionally, you can now download and watch feature-length movies and TV shows on the go. There are even apps to let you watch live TV!


The smartphone is a phenomenal invention that has changed human life. There are so many different functions all in one small device. From business to pleasure, there’s no end to what a smartphone does. Is it the greatest invention in the last 30 years? I think it’s certainly up there.