VIZIO Present New E-Series And M-Series 4K TVs For 2016

Posted on May 10 2016 - 7:53pm by Daniel Fisher

Vizio recently release its superb 2016 P-series 4K TVs and Now Vizio come out with its new launched called “E-series” and “M-series” 4K TVs for 2016.

Vizio E-series bringing SmartCast and Google Cast to the cheaper lineup. Users can download the SmartCast application from the App Store or Google Play and use it to control the TV. This new E-Series will feature 4K resolution for the first time. The E-Series starts at $229 ($469 if you want a 43 inches 4K TV). It is one of the lowest prices offered by any major TV supplier.

Vizio E-Series And M-Series 4K TV

The E-series consist of 14 model namely:
E32h-D1 (720p resolution),
E32-D1 (1080p resolution),
E40-D0 (1080p resolution),
E43-D2 (1080p resolution),
E43u-D2 (4K resolution),
E48-D0 (1080p resolution),
E48u-D0 (4K resolution),
E50-D1 (1080p resolution),
E50u-D2 (4K resolution),
E55-D0 (1080p resolution),
E55u-D0 (4K resolution),
E60u-D3 (4K resolution),
E65u-D3 (4K resolution), and
E70u-D3 (4K resolution).

The new Vizio M-series4K TV line offers Dolby Vision HDR technology but the high dynamic range only starts being the case from the 50 inch TV on upwards. This new E-Series and M-Series 4K TVs will definitely offer plenty of quality and value both. We have high hopes for the full-array LED backlighting and HDR in the new M-Series 4K TVs.

The M-series also features full-array local dimming with up to 64 zones, 4K resolution, Google Cast compatible with Includes free Android tablet remote (6-inch screen, 720p) and HDR compatible with Dolby Vision support.

The new Vizio M-series consist of 6 model namely: M50-D1, M55-D0, M60-D1, M65-D0, M70-D3, and M80-D3 and starting price is $849.