Posted on Jun 20 2018 - 11:47am by Daniel Fisher

Anker, the company recognised for making power banks to hold your phone battery topped up, has entered the home security camera market.

Built by Anker-owned smart home brand Eufy, the EverCam sets itself aside from mounted opponents like Google-owned Nest through supplying a claimed 365-day battery life.

Because the camera runs on a 13,400mAh lithium-ion battery from Anker, a leader in battery and smart charging tech, it remains in extremely low-energy standby mode unless it detects movement, which it’s going to then begin recording. An covered base station, that you preserve plugged in interior and connected to wireless, communicates with the digital camera to ensure it’s equipped to record and to set up the low-frequency wireless protocol that facilitates it connect with the net.


The covered 16GB microSD card is blanketed via AES 128-bit encryption, and any recorded footage can handiest be unlocked and considered once the card is plugged into the base station, which then communicates along with your pc or smartphone. That way, you could get right of entry to pictures without having a cloud subscription. Eufy estimates the card will hold on average up to twelve months of footage at everyday usage, although new pictures will overwrite vintage pictures routinely. (There may be an optional $2.99 according to month cloud storage subscription for saving and viewing videos in actual time.) The digital camera itself, in addition to the base station, are equipped with sirens in the event the digital camera is moved with out first being disarmed.

Still, the idea of a device that can placed pretty much anywhere with little to no hassle and no wires to deal with is very compelling. And you really can’t beat projected battery life of up to one whole year. The product starts shipping this September, and because the project hit its original stretch goal on Kickstarter so quickly, Eufy says it will work to integrate Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT support. You can back the project now by putting down $219 for one camera (MSRP $329) or $329 for two cameras (MSRP $499). Want more efficient then this, then the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is best option that’s unveiled at emtech digital events.