ZTE Offers Industry-First Solution For Seamless Upgrade From PTN To POTN

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 9:24am by Editor2

ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices today released the ZXCTN 6500 300mm T-class large capacity POTN product. This product is the first solution for the unified evolution from packet transport network (PTN) to packet optical transport network (POTN) in the industry.


The ZXCTN 6500 300mm T-class supports the integration of PTN and OTN through unified switching, the high efficient transport of L1/L2/L3 services and SDN-oriented control plane architecture. The seamless upgrade from PTN to POTN can simplify complex network layers and significantly reduce the operator’s investments.

Traditional PTN+OTN multi-layer networks have to face lots of problems such as the high cost and the large equipment size. ZTE’s POTN solution can substantially increase the existing PTN’s bandwidth, simplify network layers, save valuable machine room space and allow single network to carry multiple applications. Compared to traditional solutions, the new product can save 50 to 60 percent energy consumption, 47 to 65 percent space occupied, 70 percent service deployment time and 50 percent time cost for fault diagnosis. Furthermore, the new product makes it possible for flexible scheduling and arbitrary conversion of the PTN packet traffic and the ODU sub-wavelength traffic, thereby optimizing the existing network’s multi-layer architecture.

“We’re particularly excited about the release of ZXCTN 6500 300mm T-class as it can effectively solve the problems of operators and represents the future development trend of packet transport networks,” said ZTE Vice President Xu Ming. “With mature standards and production chain, I believe POTN will be widely deployed with a large scale in 2014.”

Since the previous PTN version was released in Q3, 2012, the ZXCTN 6500 family of products has been highly praised by customers. In 2013 China Mobile centralized procurement, ZXCTN 6500 ranked the No.1 and was exclusively selected for the construction of China Mobile backbone networks. According to the report of Frost & Sullivan 2013, ZXCTN 6500 is the most competitive PTN product which meets LTE bearer networks and trunk line construction needs in the most optimum way. Based on the report of OVUM, as the industry leader, ZTE has No.1 market share in the global PTN market in the PTN market and ZXCTN products have been widely deployed in both China and international markets.