Selex ES HALO System Attracts New Sales In The Far East And Italy

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 10:20am by Editor2

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded a multi-million Euro contract by a Far Eastern country to deliver a further HALO acoustic weapon locating system. The order follows the successful delivery of the two systems procured by the same country last year. In a separate order, the company has also been awarded a contract to provide five systems to the Italian Armed Forces, with the deal including an option for further future deliveries.

Selex ES HALO System

HALO detects sound waves generated by gun or mortar fire and other explosions and can precisely locate the source of hostile weaponry. Passive, covert and easy to deploy, HALO is highly accurate, typically giving a reading to better than 1% of range at 15km.

“Our customer in the region has  been delighted with the quality and performance of previously delivered systems, and has therefore now chosen to expand their capability with a further HALO system” said Selex ES Optronics & Communication Systems Marketing Vice President, Mark Byfield, adding; “This deal, and our significant order from the Italian Armed Forces, are yet further endorsements for HALO as the world’s leading acoustic weapon location system.”

HALO has been in-service with UK forces since 1994 and the US Marine Corps since 2005 and has seen service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The HALO system in service with UK Forces today is also significantly different to the version originally procured, as Selex ES has successfully delivered a number of upgrades to the product in response to user feedback. New systems being purchased by current customers take advantage of upgrades and enhancements resulting from almost 20 years of continuous operational service.

Having proven successful on combat operations, the system has since been sold to a number of Far Eastern and other export customers.