Wrike: Your Online Software for Project Management

Posted on Jan 6 2016 - 12:23pm by Editor

Times have changed and the global market is now growing at such a pace that you simply cannot keep track of the amount of work coming in and going out. Most macro-level organizations store all their work tasks in various forms though the most common is via emails and chat programs. But this is not ideal. To keep track of this huge ad constantly changing flow of project updates, companies need project management software that can manage, organize, and track how each of their tasks is being done. One such project management software is Wrike, and it helps companies manage not just their projects, but also individual tasks and data.


Wrike has been one of the top online project management tools for the past few years, and is a crucial tool with organizations that have a lot of planning and coordination to deal with. The most attractive quality of the application is that it is flexible enough to hold not just team projects for global organizations, but also simple to-do items for the solopreneur. Some of the amazing features of the application are as follows:

  • Wrike is a gantt chart maker, which allows you to plan out and place tasks on an interactive timeline. This is an easy way to visualize your organization’s deadlines (whether it’s just your team or several departments spread out across the globe). And you can easily see which tasks are on track or which are delayed.
  • Wrike provides a platform for all key persons in the company to interact with one another and discuss work without having to engage in long, convoluted email threads.
  • The main function of Wrike is to store all work data, deadlines, tasks, and work discussions. This data includes documents, media files, even chats; giving all your team members 24/7 access to work via the internet.
  • Wrike is also good for virtual teams, especially those in different time zones, as it allows access to work data despite members not being in the same physical office.

With the growing popularity of Wrike, companies such as HTC, AT&T, and PayPal are now using it on a large scale. The potential that this application carries with it is immense and companies realize the exponential difference that it makes on their planning and communication process overall.

In 2014, Wrike was awarded the “Cool Vendor”award in the Social Software and Collaboration category by Gartner. Surprisingly, the application is also available in diverse languages such as: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Turkish too; making it very practical for many global companies.

Wrike is best suited to people who are constantly on the go and require access to their work and data no matter the location. The application gives the same feel as being on your office desk and having access to all your documentation at the same time without any problem. The only drawback for the application is that you need to have internet connectivity to access all the data that you intend to view, modify or send.

Wrike is dedicated to the success of its users. To this end, they’ve set up a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/customer/WrikeTeam) which is dedicated to providing useful videos and tutorials on how to use Wrike most effectively. Wrike believes that feedback from users is essential to creating a better product.