Seven Ways to Improve SEO for Your Blog

Posted on Jul 22 2017 - 8:17am by Editor

Naturally, if you have an informative, entertaining blog, you want as many people as possible to visit it. Ideally, you’d like every person who reads your blog to become a loyal visitor to your website. In order to get as many visitors as possible, you need  to regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and make search engine optimization, or SEO, a priority. Discover seven ways you can improve SEO for your blog.

Improve SEO for Your Blog

Regularly Update the Information on the Blog

Regularly updating the information on your blog can help boost the position of your website on a list of search results. People definitely notice a blog that keeps its facts, news and articles up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. Timely news and interesting, relevant articles are important to people who are looking to put a new blog on their favorites list.

Make Sure All Your Links are Intact

Have you ever heard of dead links? These are links to websites that are no longer in existence. Another way to improve the SEO of your blog is to ensure all of the links you place on your website are alive and well. In short, if visitors click on a link within an article on your blog they can be assured that they will be directed to a website that is up and running with current content.

Write an Engaging Meta Description

A meta description is the short blurb of information that people see connected with the name of a website on a list of search results. The meta description provides a preview of what people will find on the website if they click on it. So, it’s important to write a creative, engaging meta description to get visitors to click on your blog. Think of a writing a meta description that whets the appetite of people who are looking for a blog with something special to offer its readers.

Use Well-Chosen Keywords

Using the right keywords in your meta description can certainly improve the SEO for your blog. When coming up with keywords, think about words that describe the nature or purpose of your blog. What words would help someone get an accurate picture of what your blog is all about? Taking the time to come up with effective keywords can make all the difference in the position of your website on a list of search results.

Select Appealing Images for Your Website

The images you put on your website can prompt people to take a little more time to see what you have to offer on your blog. Colorful images that fit perfectly with the tone and subject of the articles can help you create a more professional-looking blog. Many images are available for free. Be sure to check the Creative Commons guidelines to determine which photos you can use without paying a fee.

Include Relevant Links

The links you include on your blog should tie in with whatever you are discussing in an article. For instance, you may include a link to the government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention website if you’re writing an article about the details of a particular illness. When evaluating links, consider which ones would be helpful to your visitors.

Organize Your Blog in a Logical Way

When visiting a website, most people want to be able to find what they want right away. Operating a blog that is organized and easy to navigate can improve the SEO of your site. Create separate pages on your blog for various subjects. For instance, if someone wants to look at tips on how to encourage a child to read more, you would put that article on a page for parents with school-aged children. Remember that most people only take 15 to 30 seconds to determine whether a website is appealing to them. Make the most of that short amount of time.

Finally, when you do everything possible to achieve a high position on a search results page it improves your visibility. Achieve your goal of getting your work seen by more people than you ever imagined.