MSI GT70 2OL -The Latest 3D CAD & Modeling Laptop

Posted on Mar 1 2014 - 8:04am by Editor2

MSI was recently introduced MSI GT70 2OL CAD Laptop – one of the most high-speed 3D computing laptops. To accelerate computer graphics design process, MSI optimize hardware & software compatibility by configuring NVIDIA Quadro K4100M graphics cards, Intel the 4th Gen Core i7 processor, Windows 8 Pro/ Windows 7 Professional operating system, Super RAID 2, Cooler Boost 2, supports up to 4 monitors display and certificated by Autodesk, Solidworks. GT70 2OL provides better stability and improved working efficiency.


Quadro K4100M DDR5 4GB Graphics Card

Compared to last generation, Quadro K4100M graphics cards have more CUDA cores and increase the memory bandwidth significantly, which allowing 3D CAD engineers set up larger, more complex scenes and characters in a shorter time.

Graphics Features NVIDIA® CUDA™ Parallel Processor Cores Memory Size Memory Type Memory Interface Memory Bandwidth
Quadro K4100M 1152 4GB GDDR5 256-bit 256-bit

The powerful Quadro K4100M graphics card works perfectly with professional design software, including Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox, Siemens NX, CATIA, and 3D Showcase.

“MSI GT70 Mobile Workstation with the Quadro K3100M graphics card provides great mobility, allowing game developers to easily take their works from the studio to the office, and powerful real-time editing and precise motion capture capability.”- Michael, CEO of Mirax.

“For me MSI Super Raid 2 would be the best feature. 3 SSD slots are really worth mentioning. Animators often stay overnight for detailed graphics editing and long rendering processes, especially for 3D animation movies. The MSI Mobile Workstation helps minimize the time to process large images and 3D rendering so designers can actively work on other character renders and photorealistic scene simulations.” – Kent, Director of Kent Animation.

Super Raid 2- Speed Up Large Files Read- Write Rate
The Super RAID 2 adopts 3 mSATA SSD to achieve 1500 Mb/Sec while reading files. Accelerate system startup, shutdown, applications or files loading and transcoding efficiency. In addition, users can save large video and images in the extra high-speed 2.5-inch storage.

Exclusive Cooler Boost 2 Provides The Best System Stability
The Cooler Boost 2 cooling technology provides the best thermal durability and system stability by using a smart, quiet, and highly efficient single fan, one-touch cooling solution. This design effectively lowers 25% of noise, and also increases cooling performance up to 15%.