Movavi Screen Capture Review

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 8:50am by Editor

Trying to use screen capture software for the very first time can be tricky. When dealing with numerous different settings and parameters (most of which you probably barely understand), it is easy to become frustrated. Although the benefits of being able to record video directly from your screen are definitely enticing, going up against such a steep learning curve is going to temper that quite a bit.

Instead of putting yourself in a situation where you’re going to end up frustrated and disheartened, using Movavi Screen Capture would be a good idea. It is an extremely popular screen capture software that has an excellent reputation because of how easy it is to use.

Movavi Screen Capture


Intuitive Screen Capture

From the very first time you use Movavi Screen Capture, you’ll be able to immediately see how different it is. Without any prior experience, you can intuitively learn how to use the software – especially since all you really need to do to start recording is set the capture frame, choose the audio source, and click a button.

If you want to have more control over the other parameters, Movavi Screen Capture is definitely able to facilitate that as well. With a few clicks you can set the frame rate and also whether or not to capture keyboard and mouse actions. Assuming you choose to capture keyboard actions the software will display any keys that are pressed on screen, while for mouse actions it can highlight the cursor and set up a custom ‘click’ sound effect.

In order to make managing the recording a bit more convenient, the timer that is available will automatically stop the recording after a certain duration. Also there are hotkeys that will let you control the recording by pressing a single key as opposed to having to click on a icon.

Last but certainly not least with Movavi Screen Capture you will be handed hundreds of presets that are tailored to different devices and platforms. Each of these presets will automatically use the best possible video format and settings accordingly, so you can optimize your videos when you save them.

As you can see, using a screen recorder doesn’t have to be tricky – at least not when you’re using Movavi Screen Capture. With it you’ll be able to record Skype calls, save online video streams, or even create your own tutorials, with absolutely no hassle whatsoever.