International Cloud-based Service Providers Are In Need Of Technologies

Posted on Nov 24 2017 - 8:27am by Editor

With so much information stored on the cloud for both professional and personal purposes, it’s no surprise that cloud-based service providers are expanding globally, providing people with access to applications all over the world. They’re helping to create a more digitally connected population in an age that is only becoming more technologically advanced. Unfortunately, those exporting technologies overseas are presented with a variety of barriers and hoops to jump through before they may foster international partnerships with these growing enterprises. Evidently, those controlling which materials are awarded clearance at customs treat IT equipment with supreme caution, even when companies are intending to use it for peaceful purposes. 


When it comes to ensuring the safety of their population, governments tend to impose strict regulations on controlled-use materials. In many cases, they require an Importer of Record to take responsibility for transactions that involve a lease for example, as there is no other local tax paying customer with the power to do so. This guarantees that resellers, or those exporting, must partner with an expert importer for equipment to be cleared at all; there are some benefits to pursuing this arrangement however. 

Even the best logistics people have trouble with the exporting process because they lack the know-how. With so many documents to prepare, like a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, other permits, licences and certifications, it can be overwhelming, and often increasingly difficult to save money importing goods — it is also particularly challenging when shipping to multiple destinations, as each country has their own set of rules and regulations resellers must adhere to. If something is off in the paperwork, shipments can suffer costly delays resulting in stressed and frustrated clients. 

With the help of a solid global importer however, who has adequate knowledge and experience clearing dual use goods, many of the pain points are eliminated. Companies like TecEx for example have a point of presence in 136 countries, and can prepare all the necessary customs support documentation on behalf of their clients who are shipping to these destinations as they’re familiar with these countries’ laws. This importer’s experience has also allowed them to find the fastest routes for attaining clearance, guaranteeing it a mere 10 days after quotes are accepted. When it comes to the quotes, they only charge landed-cost meaning there will be no surprise payments required, even if countries choose to change regulations halfway through the transaction. 

The company also offers a hands-on service, ensuring the equipment arrives where it’s supposed to post clearance; they even give their clients the opportunity to track their shipments in each stage of the process. When business partners overseas are relying on the secure and timely arrival of IT equipment, resellers must take all necessary precautions to ensure it crosses the border safely and compliantly. Cloud-based services improve the lives of many by helping them to stay organized, stay connected, and to communicate; the technologies that allow for these activities to occur should not be sequestered at customs due to a minor misstep.