Have You Checked Your Bounce Rate Recently?

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 8:20am by Editor

It is one thing developing content and campaigns that drive people to your website but it is another thing altogether to get them to stay on your website. You could develop an amazing email campaign that sends a huge percentage of your mailing list straight to your website but what happens when they get there? Are they clicking on other pages or are they leaving straight away?

Have You Checked Your Bounce Rate Recently

There are lots of reasons for websites having high bounce rates. One of the biggest annoyances for website visitors is when a website has slow loading pages. So if your web pages are taking ages to load then this could be responsible for sending your visitors running into the arms of your competitors. You can test your page loading speed using a web page speed test to see how yours is performing.

Once you have ascertained whether your pages are loading slowly there are lots of things you can do to help speed them up. Essentially, you will need to have a good web host service to have a good level of performance overall and to have fast page loading speeds. If you are wondering which hosts provide fast loading then it is a good idea to check out as many reviews as you can find and explore the different types of hosting (there are many!).

Another reason that you could be losing visitors before they convert into customers is if your landing page isn’t able to hold their interest. Maybe you have a page of wordy text and not much else, which isn’t very easy on the eye and isn’t going to capture many people’s attention. Your landing page and particularly above the fold (the section of the page you can see without scrolling) is key in persuading any visitors that your website is the one that they want to do business with.

Those seconds that they are looking at your website is your chance to show them enough about your company and services that they want to find out more. Or even better they will want to do business with you straight away. So you should use this area to show off your best assets and any unique selling points. You can use plugins to enhance your website with features that will impress your visitors. Take a look at the WordPress plugin directory for some inspiration on what you can do with your website landing page.

Another important element of keeping people on your website is ensuring that you are supporting the device that they may be using. There are lots of websites that still do not cater for people who are accessing their website using a mobile device. Given that 55% of internet traffic is through mobile devices, you can see just how important it is to look after the experience of this category of users. If you have a website that isn’t responsive then you will probably be annoying your mobile users and if they are annoyed then they are not going to use your services or buy your products.

So having a responsive website is a huge factor in ensuring that mobile users do not leave your website as soon as they land on it. Mobile users are going to be increasingly important as more and more people are now buying smartphones and accessing the internet with them. If you don’t already have a responsive website it is highly recommended that you look into this as this will certainly help your bounce rates.