Why isnt my phone charging and its solutions?

Posted on Aug 15 2016 - 8:28am by Editor

It’s been just a year that my friend bought a new android phone of a renowned company known as Samsung. Since many days, his phone isn’t charging and he is way too worried about it. He could not even figure out the reasons behind the malfunctioning of phone. So, if you are like my friend and you have problems regarding your phones charging and you are anxious and every time to get your queries solved. So here is some of the reasons for your question “why is my phone not charging”.

The delinquent take place at numerous points. It’s a very basic objection, so some of the remedies are mentioned below.

my phone isnt charging1- Check the charger

The greatest susceptible measure of any mount is the cable. Even though they are shaped to have a grip at definite level of loosening and twisting, consistent usage of the cables will clue to garb and split which is nearly unavoidable for any mount. If you are consuming a Universal Serial Bus cable to get the phone charged then go for diverse cable and if the alternative cable works well with your phone then it is obvious that the cable you were using previously had issues .See for the apparent damage caused on the cable, if the charger and cable consists a single unit.

what to do if your phone is not charging

2- Check Your Electric plug

Nowadays, the complaints from individuals regarding their smartphones are usually about the charging capacity. Either it charges slowly or it simply won’t charge at all.  Question arises that what to do when your phone is not charging? Fairly an uncommon population of consumers understood that it wasn’t the Android mobile but the electric plug of the mount which was defective. Scrutinizing the electric plug can be tranquil if the mount is contained of two components – the Universal Serial Bus cable and the electric plug. Problem usually occurs when you keep on plugging in and unplugging the USB cable which basically loses the USB cable.

Check for other devices compatibility with your phone’s charger and cable, whether they are charging them at same speed or not. If they are creating same charging difficulties with other devices so it is obvious that the phone will not charge properly. Now you are in a serious need to change your charger.

3- Alter the Charging Basis

The best way to charge your smartphones is through wall chargers rather than getting your phones charged by the help of laptop using cable. Benefit of using wall charger is that it charges your phone faster than a personal computer does. Alternative feature that shows a significant role is that mounts differ when it comes to control productivities that means that your power supply may not be as good if you are using a computer to charge your phone. This might also be the reason of your interrogation “why my phone battery is not charging”.

By means of genuine electric plugs that are sanctioned to get your phones charged because using a different source may hinder the charging or slows it down. In case of using USB for charging, make sure to keep changing the ports every time you plug the cable in.

4- May be cleaning your Charging Phone is the better way out

Sometimes the phones connectivity ruptures due to the presence or accumulation of dirt particles in the charging port of the smartphone and as a result it creates difficulties in charging. The dust particles can be   eradicated by softly blowing the port of the phone. The abrupt spurt of air causes the dust to fly off. Remember that using pointy objects to stab in to the charging port because this may cause more intense problems to the charging area. Regularly cleaning the port removes the dirt which might hamper the port.

5- Resume Your Smartphone

Occasionally, your Android phone is insensitive when the charger is plugged in to the port. At this time you require to restart your phone so that you make sure that the charger is charging your phone. Another simple way is to switch your phone off for a few seconds and then turn it on again. If your phone stops responding and keeps on deafening. Check if the mobile phone charges at its usual speed later the resume.

6- Easy Reorganize Your Cell phone

Sometimes, resetting your cell phone might seem the best option rather than restarting your phone. You will not miss any files when you lax reset your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about the back up of your files and information. Hold the volume button and power button for a few seconds to power off your cell phone. Plug the charger in the charging slot while your cell phone is still switched off in order to check that whether it is charging or not. By doing so, if the cell phone starts to charge and the speed it exhibits is also normal and up to the mark then the difficulty is solved and you can switch on the call phone afterwards.

7- Background running applications and their significant role

The haste at which your cell phone mounts can alters terrifically if the background applications running on your mobile phone is bolted. Your phone’s overall battery life is greatly influenced by these background applications and they also mark a considerable extent of alteration while they are running and at the same time you are getting your cell phone charged. The newly unlocked applications on your cell phone can typically be retrieved by patting the key on the lowest right of the mobile’s display. As soon as the applications are accessible, you can also pat on the ‘x’ which depicts exiting the application situated on the uppermost of the application to shut it or jab right to close the application. You can also go for the option that permits you to exit from all the running applications at the same instant.

You can likewise contact the applications active in the background by indulging into the Settings option of your mobile phone and patting on Applications. Once you reach there, guise for the label which states “Running” and pat on it to check the applications that are presently actively running on your cell phone. Go for patting on the application you demand to exit and then pat on Stop button to end the application from working in the background.

Cell phone’s Battery

8- Your Cell phone’s Battery might be at risk

Your cell phone battery can be a reason of the delinquent. By noticing your cell phone, particularly if you own an android phone, your phone’s charger is not being able to charge your own phone but the cable and charger are charging other cell phones then the risk factor might be the battery you are consuming. If you are consuming the native battery of the cell phone you possibly will get an alteration if your cell phone is in guarantee. On the contrary, if your cell phone is the type that does not permit you to have your battery out then you can straight away show it to the builder or carter and if the cell phone is in license and the cause of difficulty is your battery then the company will replace or alter your cell phone.

my phone wont charge

9- Don’t use your cell phone while it is being charged

Using your cell phone while it is still on charging, is the habit most of us exhibit and then we ask my phone wont charge anyway. The speed of charging gets pretty slow if you are consuming its battery while it is on the charging. The customers who are likely to perform exhaustive tasks that require quick battery drainage are also habitual of using their cell phones and at the same time charging them up. This technique is proved to be not good at all because it takes longer intervals to charge and no time at all to drain all of the battery. To such users, you should restrict yourself not to play games and watch videos while your cell phone is being charges.

You can see a remarkable difference if you try to avoid using cell phone during the charging process as your cell phone will take up normal speed to get itself charged.

10- Regulate the Battery of your cell phone

Standardizing your Android battery can aid you guarantee that your cell phone tasks the correct mode and it is screening the correct battery percentage and that your cell phone does not bound the battery enactment? Standardizing a battery means you have to totally discharge the battery. You should not perform this process frequently because the cell phone’s battery is composed of lithium and such kind of batteries, if fully discharged, depicts negative results.

Step by step follow the following instructions:

  • Keep your cell phone discharged completely until it finally turn off.
  • Switch it on once more and permit it to turn off by its own self.
  • At this instant pad your cell phone into a charger and permit it to mount till the pointer remarks that it has gotten hundred percent charge or it is fully charged.
  • Disconnect the charger and switch on your cell phone.
  • Your cell phone must not be fully charged somehow and is it says so plug the charger again and keep that until it acquires hundred percent.
  • Disconnect the mount and resume your cell phone. If it does not shows fully charged indication then once again connect the charger to get it fully charged.
  • Endure this procedure until you resume your cell phone and see hundred percent battery or at slightest as near as it might acquire to it.
  • Use the cell phone as you usually do until the phone disconnects the battery totally and switches off by its own self.
  • Connect the charger to the cell phone and get it to charge up till hundred percent deprived of any disruption for the previous time.
  • Currently switch on your cell phone and your phone’s battery would have been standardized.

11- Buckle Airplane/Flight Mode

If you can bring about deprived of your cell phone for about an hour or so, charge your phone quickly by switching on Flight Mode. Nevertheless, you won’t be capable to accept calls or messages while you are on the Flight mode.

You can switch on Flight mode by retrieving the rapid menu obtainable on maximum Android devices. It is also termed as Airplane Mode, icon that represents airplane.

Factory Reset

12- Accomplish a Factory Reset

If all other flops, it might be time for a manufacturing reset, but this should be your last option when all other are not appropriate. By stepping in to resetting the device, you are allowing the software to diminish all the data and information present on your device.

As a safe side, you can use the option of backing up your information first. An easy way to keep your data safe is copying and saving all your cell phone’s files on your laptop or personal computers. You can follow the below mentions steps.

  • Linking your device to your processer through USB.
  • Go to My Computer and tap on your device.
  • Duplicate All Documentations (CTRL+C)
  • Go to your required folder and paste (CTRL+V)

To achieve a manufacturing works reset on maximum devices:

  • Find the option Settings
  • pat Backup and Reset
  • pat Factory Data Reset
  • pat Reset Device

And lastly pat remove the whole thing.