Why Build Mobile Apps?

Posted on Apr 23 2015 - 4:14am by Editor

Assisting in increased worker productivity, optimization of business process competence and leveraging big data, ‘Enterprise Apps’ are altering the business dynamics.

Why Build Mobile Apps

Following are the four primary reasons why enterprises build mobile apps:

Augmented worker and corporate productivity: In order to have a competitive edge in your business, enterprise mobility is a must have. In 2015, 79% of the organization would increase their mobile spending up to 36% (Gartner Survey). Hence, to achieve worker productivity for future gains, enterprise mobility is extremely important.Less inventory, fewer operational expenses and increased throughput are the three major benefits of mobility. Mobile strategists ensure that right combination of analytics and business objectives are paired with each mobile app so that the utility is enhanced. This makes analytics integral part of the mobile software development life cycle and gives lifelong benefits of the relevant app.

Empowering field workers: Having workers in long haul truck drivers, delivery services and airport mechanic is nothing new or surprising. But enterprises that make use of smart devices such as tablets, giving workers immediate insights about the processes to which they are associated, is definitely a novel practice. Moreover, first-hand data is collected from the field and sent back to the enterprise in a continuous cycle that instantly examines the data and then transferred to those workers’ devices in the form of business intelligence.

Smarter Apps than ever before: Coupled with analytics, big data enables companies to stay ahead by deducing business intelligence. There are a number of elements that explains the role of big data in enterprise app development.

First, being expressed in exabytes, big data is surely bigger like never before. Second, in the past few years the majority of data created such as emails, embedded sensor data, videos and Microsoft word documents, were unstructured. Third, such big amounts of data have never been analyzed. This gives the enterprises a golden opportunity to cash out.

Ease of developing Enterprise Apps: Every now and then new apps are entering the marketplace in IT industry and are altering the rules of the game. Since consumers no longer hesitate in purchasing apps now, enterprises have become comfortable in making apps in which they have confidence. The reason why mobile app development has become easier is that global arena lacks in talent for coming up with new models for app which raises the need for crowd sourcing. With this, enterprises can reach out to expert communities for software development skills.