Holga Digital has launched a new hand-cranked instant photo printer

Posted on Mar 4 2019 - 4:33pm by Daniel Fisher

Before digital tech, many of the cameras may want to run battery-free absolutely on mechanics. Now there’s a mobile “printer” that uses the same concept to turn phone snapshots into real instant film. The Holga Printer is a totally mechanical cell printer this is designed to work with the Holga app to combine the perks of smartphone pictures and immediately movie.

The Holga Printer doesn’t without a doubt suit into the standard definition of a printer — it’s truely extra like an instant digicam that’s designed in particular to take a picture of a phone display screen. A cellphone platform unfolds from the Holga Printer. With the picture you want up on the screen, you region the phone display down and press the shutter. The mechanical camera inner then snaps a photo of the screen and spits out a print from Instax mini film.

Holga Portable Photo Printer Design

The Holga Printer has a distinctly specific design, requiring the consumer to spread additives into an multiplied platform upon which a phone is positioned. Printing requires the consumer to press the shutter, then hand-crank a knob to print the Fuji Instax instant photo. The tool does not require batteries or wired-free connectivity.

Holga Portable Photo Printer Features

Holga isn’t the first to allow digital smartphone images to be transferred on real film instead of Zink photo paper, but the unique approach means there are no batteries required or Bluetooth connection, for that matter. There is a bit of work involved to spit that print out though — you have to turn a manual crank because there are no batteries to power an automatic feed. And unlike an actual instant film camera, the mix of old and new means you can choose which images to print instead of using up a piece of film with each shutter click.

An accompanying Holga app is designed to give those smartphone photos the classic look of a Holga camera. Holga is known for its plastic toy-like cameras that create neat, unusual film effects. The app contains several of those effects. The app also recommends settings to help the printer best capture the photo on the screen. The app also allows for double exposure effects as well as adding text on the “printer.”

Holga Portable Photo Printer Price

Holga Digital is offering backers a Super Early Bird Holga Printer for pledges of $51 ($398 HK). The device is estimated to start shipping to backers in March 2019 with global availability. Holga plans to release a mobile app for Android and iOS that’ll launch alongside the printer. This app will allow users to apply Holga filters to digital images, as well as add text and icons. Supported effects include a color mode, black & white, double exposure, and Holga effect.