Deezer: Get Free Music On Your Smartphone

Posted on Oct 13 2015 - 10:42am by Matt Holtzen

Deezer, the music streaming service that launched in France and has since expanded to nearly every corner of the world, has some pretty vivid impression stats. There are 192 countries on Earth, which means there are only 10 countries in the entire world that do not have Deezer. So, until you currently reside in the Vatican, Taiwan or Kosovo


There are over 35 million songs on Deezer, compared to the 25 million on the Google Play Music Store or Apple Music. And, if you cannot find what you are looking for, Deezer also lets you import your favorite MP3s. Deezer Elite is not available in every country, or on every device. It isn’t available on your phone through the Deezer app in America.

Nevertheless, Deezer has brought it to the States through a partnership with Sonos. As a rule of thumb, though, Deezer Premium works in some capacity on almost every device. From Samsung Smart TVs to BMWs, it appears like the service is everywhere.

Deezer works like your run of the mill streaming service. You will create a login that you will use across all of your devices, and pick one of the umpteen platforms to start jamming out on. Premium users might find the best luck starting out with the web player or on either major smartphone platform, iOS or Android.

Deezer has over 35 million songs, 28 million of which are available in HD. Deezer does a fantastic job of branching out to the far corners of the globe and reining in the most popular music in each area. If you’re a ’90s R&B fan but occasionally want to jam out to Latin Alternative, Deezer has you covered.

It is more usable than other sites, like Rdio and Pandora, without becoming too cluttered or presenting too much at one time. The web player compartmentalizes the 5 particular characteristics of Deezer: Hear this, New Releases, Top Playlists, Mixes and My Music.


Deezer’s secret sauce is its massive, global music library and cornucopia of HD tracks.