Awesome Tech Items For The Modern Business Person

Posted on Sep 22 2015 - 5:59am by Editor

Technology is a wonderful thing and has so many uses in today’s society. While there are so many cool tech things around for casual use, there are also things ideal for the modern business person. If you want to improve your business experience, here are some awesome tech things you should buy:



I read an article the other day about a study that said tablets will replace laptops, in the workplace, in the next ten years. So, why not get yourself ready for this change and buy tablets for your business. Tablets are great because you get that portability factor with them. You can take them wherever you want, and they won’t require you to lug around a big bag. Plus, they’re lightweight, which also helps with carrying them around. And, some tablets are extremely powerful and can do all the things you need for a business device. You can check emails, create spreadsheets and video call clients. With a lot of tablets, you can get Bluetooth keyboards that can link with your device. This means you can type away and have a mini laptop!


Even though tablets are great, it still makes sense to get a laptop too. They both serve slightly different functions. Tablets are for when you’re on the move and don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Whereas you can use a laptop as your office computer and also work on it from home. You can get some laptops that are more powerful than desktop PC’s, and they’re portable, which is a bonus. Plus, they don’t take up as much space as a PC will, which is good for minimizing desk clutter. I know a lot of people that prefer to work on a laptop, rather than a desktop computer. You get all the same functionality, at a much cheaper price, and you can move it around.


Projectors were pretty much designed for the working business person. A nice bit of tech that makes it easy for you to display things on any flat surface. Businesses have been using the Epson projector in their offices for years; they’re such a handy tool to have. You can project graphs and charts onto a wall and then point out things and show them to other people. Many people use projectors to project things onto whiteboards these days. This way, you can draw on the whiteboard to illustrate points on the projection. Basically, if you’re a business person, you should get yourself a projector.

All In One Printer

All businesses are going to need printers; it’s extremely obvious why. But, they’ll also need a scanner and a photocopier too. You could buy all these things separately, or, you could get an all in one printer! This is a printer that can also scan and photocopy things. It will save a lot of space in the office as it’s just one thing, as opposed to three things. With technology these days, you can pick up ones that aren’t even that big. They can be the size of a standard home printer, but function as three things.