26 practical tool features have been packed in BitzBlade 2.0 EDC multi-tool

Posted on Nov 9 2017 - 4:39pm by Daniel Fisher

StatGear based in Brooklyn New York have released their sixteenth Kickstarter campaign to raise the finances required to take the new BitzBlade 2.0 multitool into manufacturing. advertised as the “ultimate multitool you will ever need” the pocket -sized tool capabilities 26 tools enclosed in a swish layout.

BitzBlade 2.0 EDC Multi-Tool Design

The BitzBlade 2.0 is a powerful and versatile EDC multi-tool that measures 5.3 inches lengthy through 0.6 inches diameter and weighs 2.2 oz. As shown within the picture, the multitool sports an ultra compact and occasional-profile look layout, and the pen-fashioned form component and texturized outside permit you to readily keep the multi-device for numerous task. Meanwhile, the BitzBlade 2.0 is crafted from chrome steel for a strong, lengthy-lasting construction.


BitzBlade 2.0 EDC Multi-Tool Features

The EDC multi-device functions 3 main interchangeable parts such as a box cutter, a knife blade and a pry bar with incorporated hex wrench and bottle opener. A strong window breaker can be attached at the quit of the stainless-steel multitool pen for an vehicle emergency, and a tiny LED flashlight is designed to provide emergent illumination.

Furthermore, its detachable screwdriver part comes with 9 interchangeable, double-sided S2 metal bits, so that you will have 18 extraordinary drivers to apply. Similarly, an non-compulsory kydex wearing sheath maintains the multi-device in your waist for clean get entry to at some stage in any outdoor journey.

BitzBlade 2.0 EDC Multi-Tool Price

The crew at the back of BitzBlade 2,0 has earned enough fund for the product on Kickstarter, however we can nonetheless pledge $55 to preorder the EDC multi-tool. It’d be shipped in January next year.