Going Mobile: The Benefits of Bringing Healthcare Directly to Patients

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 5:58am by Editor

It’s not always convenient for patients make a trip to the hospital to get preventative medical screenings or important lab work done. An increasingly popular solution to provided greater patient access to healthcare screenings, initial evaluations and diagnostics and preventative care is the use of mobile medical units. Operated by qualified medical personnel, these units can bring healthcare services and basic medical care directly to patients.

mobile medical units

Preventative Care

Mobile units can play an important role when it comes to providing preventative care in communities lacking convenient access to major hospitals or medical facilities. This is especially important when it comes to providing medical services designed to either detect conditions early, such as breast cancer, or increase patient immunity before cold and flu season starts. Mobile preventative care may include:

• Performing annual mammograms
• Administering flu shots
• Providing physical exams

General Medical Services

Since mobile units equipped with medical supplies and equipment can be placed just about anywhere, such units can be used to provide general medical services. A prime example is school sporting events or community activities expected to draw large crowds where medical attention may be needed. Mobile units can be used to provide basic medical assessments from qualified medical staff who can determine if further treatment is needed. General medical services available from mobile units can include:

• Basic first-aid treatments
• Initial care for small wounds and cuts
• Evaluation of sprains or broken bones

Health Screenings

While many people understand the benefits of health screenings, it’s not always easy to convince somebody to make the trip to a local hospital or clinic. An increasingly viable solution is the use of mobile units that can conveniently set up shop within smaller neighborhoods to offer preventative screenings for common medical issues like blood pressure checks, diabetes evaluations and cholesterol screenings. With customized mobile health units, fully equipped vehicles can be brought to:

• Nursing homes and senior care facilities
• College and high school campuses
• Neighborhoods lacking sufficient access to medical facilities

Mobile units for medical purposes can be easily tailored for a variety of community based services, from preventative health screenings to essential lab work. Due to advances in technology, much of the equipment that’s available in hospitals and doctor’s offices can easily fit into custom designed mobile units, allowing medical centers and hospitals to better serve neighborhoods lacking easy access to healthcare.