How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse for You?

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 7:11am by Editor

The gaming peripherals market has become one of the most hotly contested markets in the business. With PC gamers requiring more and more from each piece of equipment they use, the peripherals market has become a melting pot for innovation, with each year bringing more and more advanced equipment to the market.

Razer DeathadderWhen it comes to PC gaming, the mouse is arguably the most important piece of equipment you’ll buy. Keyboards are obviously essential, but there is far less variation in quality and performance between a low and high end computer, than there is between mice in the same comparison.  So it is very important to get the right mouse. The problem is, due to the potential to profit from this lucrative market, some manufacturers try to rely on marketing and gimmicks to sell their products, rather than delivering quality and performance. This makes it even more complicated to find the right gaming mouse which is why we’ve discussed some important considerations for purchasing the right gaming mouse.

Games You Play

The most important thing to consider while looking for the best gaming mouse is the kind of games you play on a regular basis. In case you play first-person shooter games a lot, you should choose a mouse that comes with wide DPI options, quality switches and comfort. The sensor will be of paramount importance as precision is key with FPS games. If you prefer MMO or RPG games, you should buy a mouse with various programmable buttons, and a suitable DPI. Such accessories have multiple buttons to program spells and commands. In both instances comfort is going to be a very important consideration to keep in mind but that will be discussed with regards to the variations in mouse grips.

Laser Optical and DPI

With regards to sensors, optical mice will outperform laser mice in almost every regard if accuracy is important to you. So you’ll find the vast majority of FPS players will be using a mouse with an optical sensor, such as the Razer Deathadder. Where accuracy is not such a big issue laser mice will do the job, although some people have trouble with laser mice on glass surfaces, so take that into account if you have  glass topped desk.

Personal Preferences

Generally, there are two simple methods of holding a gaming mouse. The first method is called the claw grip, where you hold the mouse by the fingertips. This favours lightweight and small mice. The other method is called the palm grip, where your palm rests on top of the mouse. While choosing a mouse, your personal preferences play a very important role. You may love the functional side of a mouse or may prefer flashy lighting and other such features. Your preferences will always influence your final decision.

Purchasing a gaming mouse is about your preferences, taste and style of gaming. What you consider the best might not be suitable for others. Therefore, it’s important to make a list of your requirements and choices. You should shortlist a few options and decide accordingly. You should never get influenced by the market hype or choose brand loyalty over features and price. It’s better to compare several options before you purchase a mouse.


Most of the gaming mice available in the market are wired. However, latest trends have pushed companies to come up with more wireless products. The demand for such mice has been increasing rapidly. One of the most important concerns for wireless mice is battery life. When you want to purchase a mouse for playing games, you can’t work with a low-battery device.

A lot of wireless gaming products available in the market belong to the high-end space, which guarantees about 8 hours of gaming, and even a quick connect cable. These mice offer the same kind of performance you expect from their counterpart. However, such mice are quite expensive. If your budget allows you to purchase these mice, they will be your best choice.


A lot of gamers are happy with about 3-5 extra keys, which can be used as special binds or quick access buttons. However, most gaming accessories manufactures provide some kind of macro functionality built-in to gaming mice. Manufacturers who claim to be the best companies in the market offer button customization support.

These were some of the most important considerations for choosing a high quality and functional gaming mouse. If you keep in mind the types of games you will be playing, your grip style, and comfort, you should be able to find yourself a great gaming mouse which will help you enjoy your downtime hobby of gaming.