Sunpreme Launches Premium Solar 2.0 Maxima GxB-340W And GxB-280W Bi-facial Solar Modules

Posted on Mar 10 2014 - 9:48am by Editor2

Sunpreme, a global growth Company engaged in the business of commercializing its innovative Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) is launching the Maxima GxB-340W and GxB-280W bi-facial modules. They utilize the third generation embodiment of Sunpreme’s 156mm HCT based PV cells, packaged in frameless, double glass modules, and designed to meet the growing need for high-performance, cost efficient PV panels in space-constrained roof top and distributed generation applications. At present, this market is served by a very small number of suppliers capable of Solar 2.0 technologies, with demand out-stripping supply.

Maxima GxB-340W Bi-facial Solar Modules

The Sunpreme Solar 2.0 HCT bi-facial cells come with initial production level cell efficiencies of around 21%, for front illumination only, resulting in modules with nameplate outputs ranging from 330W to 350W DC for 72 cell modules.  With a simple bi-facial mounting configuration, there is an additional boost in the AC energy output due to power generated from back side of the cell capturing reflected and diffused lights; this can range up to 20% over PVSyst model predictions. Moreover, a second performance bonus accrues from the modules’ low thermal coefficient for power degradation, measured at -0.33%/C.

Sunpreme said its Maxima GxB products are ready now for volume shipments. Both the GxB-340W and GxB-280W were fully certified to UL, IEC reliability and safety standards and are CEC listed. All Sunpreme modules are covered by an industry leading warranty backed by the Munich Re Insurance. Pre-launch customer momentum has been quite positive, with close to 1 MW worth of pre-booked orders ready to deliver over the next few weeks.  Applications include commercial structures and ground mounts in high albedo areas. Thanks to demonstrated ruggedness to withstand extremes of cold as well as hot, dusty environments, early shipments include those for use in Alaska and the Middle East regions. Recognizing the outstanding wind resistance of these double glass frameless modules at 300 km/h (vs benchmark 200 km/h), repeat orders have been also received from the Caribbean.

“With a strong SmartSilicon based HCT platform and core competencies within Sunpreme, this product launch is a prime illustration of our ability to execute a nimble transition from Solar 1.0 to mixed Solar 1.0/ 2.0 last year to exclusively Solar 2.0 technologies,” said Ashok Sinha, the Chairman and CEO of Sunpreme. “By focusing on best possible Module Design, Cell Technology and Systems level Cost-Performance metrics, we are able to develop a competitive position for total PV solutions. In combination with our technology roadmap to deliver stepped efficiency enhancements and cost reductions, we aim to satisfy the imminent and future needs of most demanding customers,” he added.

Alelie Funcell, President and CEO of Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), an IECEE CBTL accredited laboratory, affiliated with TUV SUD  and CSA, conveyed her “Congratulations for achieving the IEC 61646 / IEC 61730 Certification of Sunpreme’s bi-facial Flat Panel PV models SNPM-GxB-340 (72 cell) and SNPM-GxB-280 (60-cell). This is another key achievement by the Sunpreme team! It follows on the heels of UL certifications and successful extended reliability tests on Sunpreme double glass panels, besides mechanical, wind load and salt humidity tests, attesting to the robustness of Sunpreme’s frameless double glass module design.”

The module design and initial builds were led by Frank Pham, VP for Global Engineering and Operations at Sunpreme who indicated: “Our rapid execution on both bi-facial cell and module production, while getting it right the first time, is the result of Lean Teamwork, a core value of the Company, coupled with an integrated panel, racking and clamp design to maximize the albedo contribution in real world environments.”

Surinder Bedi, Sunpreme’s Executive Vice President for Global Quality, Systems Design and Market Development said: “We are proud of our pervasive customer-centric Innovation and Quality principles, as we strive to apply them at all stages of product design, manufacturing, system installation and commission, in a spirit of continuous improvement and cross- functional learning. Our bi-facial, high efficiency solar module generates energy from both sides of the module, and is extremely reliable and easy to install.”