Understanding the Basics of Spin Welding

Posted on Aug 18 2015 - 5:36am by Editor

Spin welding is a machining process that joins thermoplastic or metal parts using friction and pressure at the joint. A spin welder holds one part stationary while rotating another part against it. The spinning generates heat, andthe machine applies pressure.The meld created is strong and clean. Also known as friction welding, this process has been commonly used since the 1950s and has many industrial applications.

Spin Welding PAS Model SW950An Eco-Friendly Technique

Spin weldingis energy efficient and produces no fumes or waste. Unlike traditional welding, shielding gas is not required. In fact, spin welding is not technically welding since the join is accomplished through friction and pressure rather than melting. No fillers or fluxes are used in spin welding.

Advantages of Spin Welding

There are many advantages of this technique, including a weldthat spans the entire joint. Because of the 100 percent join, the technique creates a bond of equal strength to its component materials. Here are some other advantages of spin welding.

  • The rotational pressure cleans and prepares the point where the two sections meet. This minimizes the need to prepare or clean the surfaces before welding.
  • The process merges the components resulting in an extremely strong, hermeticjoin.
  • Parts made of different materials and of various sizes can be joined, making this a versatile technique for manufacturing.
  • The low-heat process means the materials are not stressed by extremes in temperature changes.

An Economical Process

While the greatest benefit of spin welding is the permanent, high-quality work it produces, another boon for businessis lower manufacturing costs. No additional materials are required, and the process eliminates the need for lengthy pre-machining chores. In addition, since the technique does not produce gases, workspaces don’t need to be remodeled with special ventilation. Materials joined by spin welders can be immediately handled so the workflow is fast.

Spin welding is a modern machining process that is reliable, controllable, and versatile. Applications are nearly endless for this quick and efficient process.